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Posted by LucifersAngel on 02-20-2012 at20:10:


Originally posted by pixowy
Originally posted by acidic shots
now are the guys at HLL gonna still try and tell me you can justify your actions??

my previous forum ban was more than worth it, everything i said was damn true, your power mad, your jumped up, your narrow minded and your pathetically ignorant

i must stress though this does NOT go for the whole of HLL many members of that clan are good people, this goes for the limited few who seem to think there actions are still righteous, still acceptable and actually warrented

taking our squares until BoS stop slapping them all over the server? retarded excuse, were not bos, were not a bos training camp, were not a bos ally, were not connected to them at all in any way or form, your reasoning lacks depth. Ill stop there before i go to far

this is how it works? he gets ban for insulting, starts new account and he's free to insult again?

i dont get how people are crying about taking their squares, like if its serious business, its a part of the game... bloodWARS
abandon the game if youre too weak to handle that

You seem to take it more seriously. If HLL squares hadn't been taken, none of this wouldn't have started. You started a war instead of just trying to sort stuff out. Maybe you guys should have all quit instead? No? Ok, thought not. Logical Fallacy 101.

HLL has still inexplicably involved us.

Posted by acidic shots on 02-20-2012 at20:11:


hardly to weak to handle it

the reason im raging about this is because of the mental politics behind the siege

the legion is being sieged because BoS are sieging HLL??

what does that have to do with us? nothing at all, HLL are playing by bully boy tactics and the whole damn server can see it, even the majority of there own clan are refusing to join the sieges because its just plain wrong

Posted by Pops on 02-21-2012 at00:39:


thread closed before it slips again


will add...i didnt make the decision myself. ive recieved pm's asking for it to be closed and msn messages from others too.

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