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Posted by NeSTeA on 11-15-2013 at16:47:

  Survey - results

From polish board (info from Sushimaker)

About BW you heard most of all from your friend,
equally you rated: community, developed system game, and there is no option to buy items for real money!
In Your opinion, BW needs better advertising, although it will be difficult because of big amount of market game.
You are not Vampire maniacs but their subject matter is not entirely indifferent to you.
You like all kind of games and platforms, although most of you play on consoles.
Most of you did not want to be a Vampire while on the other hand a little less of you are or want to be.
You are an adult.
Most of you are men ...

Overall, you are very happy with their job. You don't think that any changes were needed.

Szeszej: All UK servers.
I have a problem with him. The survey revealed that it is close to PERFECT.
You have no objections to his work.
Communication is perfect, and the propriety only in extreme cases is failing.
About rules of ban on BW, you are in agreement that the current solutions are best suited for you.

In summary:
I want to publicly thank the English Team Members working on the Game Forum -You're great!
I also wanted thank to Szeszej for exceptional performance and reward his efforts premium. The survey of England reassured us that he does his job well."

Survey won:

brundlefly (id: 23688 )
Lork (id: 25480)
Hyppolyta (id: 19698 )
Cutiez (id: 38457)

I am happy too that I am playing here. Very good community and you can find here really nice people to play and just talk Smile Congrats too Szeszej and thank you for your job! Keep going!

Sorry for translation if there is some mistakes, I did my best Tongue
If this is bad section to post that, please remove it or move to the right place Smile

Posted by jeikun on 11-15-2013 at23:20:


Was this just replies from Necro or a general on both UK servers?

Because I know a lot of people on UW that disagree, that certain UK based Mods are useless

~ Naka

Posted by NeSTeA on 11-16-2013 at01:07:


Whole, UW and Necro

"All UK servers."

What you mean by "that certain UK based Mods are useless " ? Sorry I don't get it.

Posted by PhuctiphinO on 11-16-2013 at12:51:


Yeah awesome mods , the fact you had to post from a separate forum to give us this info instead of a MOD posting info themselves *slowclap*

Posted by Ghaldria on 11-16-2013 at17:42:


Originally posted by PhuctiphinO
Yeah awesome mods , the fact you had to post from a separate forum to give us this info instead of a MOD posting info themselves *slowclap*

as a user of this forum you could simply keep checking polish board - announcements if you were so interested buddy Smile also szeszej just posted info about who won premium and results of survey. When list of winners was posted on polish board, sushimaker wrote that they wont post results of survey. Probably after long talk they decided to let us know, so szeszej didnt have to create 2 topics or edit (while edited post wouldnt be read by so many) and could write to us now.

Posted by Pissedoffhyperion on 11-17-2013 at16:46:


Szeszej - the problem was a few of the questions

you do a fine job, just your never actually here, and the question didnt allow me to specify this Tongue

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