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Posted by UniversalRecipient on 06-11-2016 at16:13:

  Blood Wars motto

I would like to suggest that we adopt the motto "I've Got Stones" for Blood Wars.

Think of the marketing potential--it could appear on the coffee cups and hoodies sold in the BWTeam Shop. (Just for my curiosity, have any gangbangers purchased a Blood Wars hoodie?)

Of course, the naysayers on these forums will immediately vote "thumbs down" to this post given that stones only apply to Underworld. Come on, folks, everyone knows Necropolis is a waste.

Yes, even female players could wear an "I've Got Stones" t-shirt because most women have their husband's or boyfriend's stones in a jar on a shelf in the living room anyway, right?

Posted by Ba_al on 06-12-2016 at08:39:

  RE: Blood Wars motto

your been here is a waste..this forum treats posters such as yourself similer to kicking over a rock and finding a slug....with a mixture of disgust and anger

the phrase kill it with fire comes to mind much more frequently with every post you make.

have a good sunday !!!

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