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Posted by Szeszej on 07-25-2018 at07:52:

  Underworld – reforging epic items

We've accidentally left out the following change from the changelog of patch 1.7.26:

[Underworld] You can now reforge epic items.

You can reforge them in the Well of Souls. You can merge a Legendary Perfect (+5) item and an Epic item of any level. The result of the merge is an item identical to the Legendary one but at the level/quality of the Epic one.

The cost of the reforging depends on the quality of the Epic item:

200 Mergestones for +0

400 Mergestones for +1

600 Mergestones for +2

800 Mergestones for +3

1000 Mergestones for +4

1200 Mergestones for +5.

Two-handed weapons are twice as expensive.

E.g. merging:

Epic Shamanistic Headband of Precognition (+4)


Legendary Perfect Deadly Mask of Adrenaline (+5)

will cost you 1000 Mergestones and you'll get Epic Deadly Mask of Adrenaline (+4)

We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by Ba_al on 07-25-2018 at08:33:

  RE: Underworld – reforging epic items

Jesus SZ

no drinking before patch releases plz Wink

Posted by Szeszej on 07-26-2018 at06:56:


But but but but... it's a good reason for a party Frown

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