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Posted by KILLER X on 09-24-2020 at21:56:

Attention The Old Guard [O-G]

not sure if anyone reads these anymore but here goes.

We are a fairly new clan in R1 underworld and only two members currently including myself... my in game name is N45TY-D4WG as my new forum account hasnt been approved yet.

If you want to join u must follow these rules:

1. You must be active if you dont log on at least once a week u will be kicked out unless you give the leader a good reason not to.

2. Dont insult clan members or be toxic in anyway.

3. Respect the leader and deputys decisions.

4. Dont siege without telling the leader or deputy.

5. Always join sieges unless told not to if you dont take part in more than 3 sieges u will be kicked out.

6. You must gain at least 1 point a week.

It is currently 2 points to join.

Most imporntantly have fun!

look forward to meeting some new recruits (if this works haha) hopefully catch you in game Smile

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