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Thread: R1uk down?

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02-16-2015 01:29 Forum: Bugs and problems


*sings* oh! it's the end of the server as we know it.. Big Grin
Havent seen this many people on forums in age's. atleast 20!! Big Grin
Thread: Black Market & Bronze coins & other

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02-13-2015 20:24 Forum: Game system

Ahhh yes i see. i was thinking more along the lines of, it doesnt matter what level you are, you get what your given & be happy about it Wink

i guess if lower levels (20-30ish) were more likely to get items like good elvish shorts of dodges & higher levels (100+) would have more chance of perfect elvish kilt of night, that wouldent be so bad, would it? or would it end up as a double edged blade increasing gaps between levels?
it's hard to say imo. you couldent really test it in a short space of time either.

Well, szj is away & c47 isnt the type to crush dreams (lol) Big Grin so i doubt anything will come of this, much like the other ideas i have.
*sigh* wish i knew how to make a game.. Samurai Wars ftw.
Thread: Black Market & Bronze coins & other

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02-11-2015 17:41 Forum: Game system

Originally posted by Demandred
hmm, black market could be an interesting event.
although I'd imagine it more as an additional auction.
And to avoid it just being for the high level players who have all the stones, it could have a few items in each of a range of level restricted catagories, for example:
lvl 20-50 => 3x prefix xxx of suffix
lvl 50-65 => 3x Leg. prefix xxx of suffix
lvl 65-80 => 3x Leg. Good prefix xxx of suffix
lvl 80-100 => 3x Leg. Perfect prefix xxx of suffix
lvl 100+ => 3x Leg. Perfect prefix xxx of suffix (+5)

obviously these are just examples, but you get the idea
and could also have items of increasing value/rarity instead of higher upgrade levels

Hmmm, imo thats still too big of a bonus for big guys. they wont have to waste all there stones upgrading stuff :? and all legendary?
im trying to think of a way to get items to the few of us left & some kind of hope to new players that might join, but not giving the top 50-100 an unfair advantage on those below. this brain movement stuff is hard.

Originally posted by Demandred
i propose the idea of black market ~ 1 ear ago but with different options:
- on black market you can sell your horns from KOTH !!!!

And i came up with the idea for Koth's Tongue
just not called koth, and no enchants. and no mobs like Purifier's. but the basic consept, with mobs like BK's, Gunmen, Gangters, baby dragons, werewolfs ect back, in 2008 aswell Cool admin/dev removed the original post thou haha. it's all a big conspiracy. there watching me waiting for the next big thing, maybe even using satalites to read my thoughts Shocked lololol Big Grin
wish i had come up with the idea of enchants. genius.
Purifier's and the sort are clearly the work of demonic possesion thou Tongue

is a good idea. but trading for more favour is cool Smile
Thread: Black Market & Bronze coins & other

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02-10-2015 01:16 Forum: Game system

Heh. No chance at all? Wink i like them odds!

Yeah, did add that it would cost 1-2ss(?) for the random item. maybe more? & act locking it? is alot of options really. that would be for the devs to decide thou.

if it was me in control of it, the 10 items would still have normal market prices, maybe even a little higher.
Solar Ring for 80ss or 4k junk
Solar Ring of Wisdom for 300ss or 15k junk
*Random numbers, dunno there evals lol.

no one will be getting THAT lucky for sure Big Grin is more of a way for people to have a chance at getting items on a slow server.
Only problem i can see with it is that the devs would have to finally give items an actual value instead of us giving/paying the vaule. i dont think they would like that.

Side note; Junk as payment = more so low noobs fresh to game have a chance at good items aswell.

Bronze coins would be seperate from quests, same rewards is all Smile you already get bonuses from silver & gold coins, thought it would be something a little differnet... but the same Smile

Your 2 cents' change Smile
Thread: Black Market & Bronze coins & other

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Black Market & Bronze coins & other 02-10-2015 00:06 Forum: Game system

More idea's to be buried among the nonsense Smile

1) New market guy, visits at certain times. full moons? weekends? The 13th of every month? idk.
Sells 10(?) Random items for Junk/lgo & stones. (one or other)

Option extra idea; 1 Item is Random, garented to have a prefix & suffix, just random. costs 1-2ss? max 1 time(s) a day?

Maybe sells junk bundles (random amounts) for a little more (10-15%?) than it's worth.
maybe sells people/blood aswell?


2) Bronze Coins;

Get them from 3vs3 & Clan vs Clan. (Per person)

+1 coin just for entering either.
+3 for wining 3vs3
+5 for winning clan vs clan

Offer same as quests (Honor/Junk/Blood/People/Item Chest) for x amount of coins. different types = zone or amount of it.

For example;

Small treasure for 20 Bronze coins
Small treasure plus for 30 Bronze coins
Small treasure deLuxe for 40 Bronze coins
Medium treasure for 45 Bronze coins
Medium treasure plus for 50 Bronze coins
Medium treasure deLuxe for 60 Bronze coins
Big treasure for 65 Bronze coins
Big treasure plus 75 Bronze coins
Big treasure deLuxe 85 Bronze coins
Huge treasure for 90 Bronze coins
Huge treasure plus for 95 Bronze coins
Huge treasure deLuxe for 100 Bronze coins
Enormous for 105 Bronze coins
Enormous plus for 115 Bronze coins
Enormous deLuxe for 125 Bronze coins
Majestic for 130 Bronze coins
Majestic plus for 140 Bronze coins
Majestic deLuxe for 150 Bronze coins

+ New "Master Work" Chest? for 200 Bronze coins(?).
random item: zone 1, chance for a prefix 90 %, chance for a suffix 90 %, quality as on pilgrimage, chance for legendary 75 %


3) Premium opt. cos' you know.. money makes the rng go around Wink

quests every 30mins instead of an hour (but less chance of epic loot? or less xp? wouldent be BW without a mild amount of shafting Big Grin )
attacks every 45mins instead of every hour and half (less exp or evo's)

3 days boosts for 15 days of Premium
6 days boosts for 25 days of Premium
15 days boost for 40 days of Premium (for when 6 isnt enough, and 30 is too much Wink )
30 days boost for 70 days of Premium

Costs are fair imo. maybe even a little cheap Wink


That's all. Troll away Big Grin
Edit; added some amounts that i think are about right
edit 2; spelling
Thread: Patch 1.56 + Volleyball World Championship + World War II event + EPIC items

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09-02-2014 18:06 Forum: Announcements

Love it, love everything about it.
Im guessing the dev team finally ate those chocolate brownies i sent? Tongue

Ya didnt mention the little online/offline thing shown as a phone if players was last online on phone. the little things like that which keep us happy Wink

Love the epic item thing, cant wait till it's bought onto necro.. i dnt play it, but cant wait to see some reports. 2.0 looks better; You didnt ask but here; some wep idea's Wink

Glock ~ Spud Gun
Scorps ~ Bubble Blaster
Mace ~ Love Stick
Short Bow ~ Cupid's Bow
Katana ~ Great Sword
2H Sword ~ Bastard Sword
Throwing Knife ~ Kunai
Shuriken ~ Frisby
Crossbow/Heavy Crossbow ~ Brick/Heavy Brick

for underworld, how about adding 3 levels of weps that are equal to n+5/g+5/p+5 IE; Sniper rifle becomes M14/Walther WA2000/Dragunov (Imma gun nerd, you may not change that order Tongue ) perhaps act locking them aswell.

as for the "at least 1 epic item per 100 items found." i would add a 0 to that every act. any half decent act 3 player will be getting an epic item every other day Tongue

keep up the good work Smile
Althou, the epic items stuff falls dangerously close to something that you said would probably never ever happen... gear that level's up with you; which is still an epic idea. Big Grin
Thread: Temporary bonus

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Temporary bonus 08-15-2014 01:26 Forum: Game system

Keep forgetting to post this idea;

Aswell as "EXTEND DURATION" might it be a good idea to have "UPGRADE"?

I have bought level 3/4 because i havent had enough coins for higher, and later come into a whole load, then wished i had waited.

So if you bought level 4 Antiquarian, and wanted to upgrade it to level 5, you would keep the days left on level 4, then get all the level 5 bonuses

Hope that all seems logial & such
Thread: i want a list of how many stones are allowed to bid on items in auction!!!

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07-29-2014 01:44 Forum: Game system

Hmmmm? The same way everyone else does? everyone misses auctions because there working/school/what ever, or worse they forget to change there equip from quest/rep & an expo/koth fails. nothing can be done about that without some kind of botting, which im sure (hope) would be a perm ban.
If an item is that important, then you will find the time. a dupe item is not important, thats the point, there will be hundreds of them.
you have duped, you know how annoying it is when some noob comes along and starts trying to take them, no? And when the one resposable was banned, you probably thought it was good? whats the difference between that & this?

Also, massive lol @ owed 750 points ect ;D 'I have dreamed a dream...' Wink
If anyone is owed anything, it's makavelli imo.. like a kiss & an apology
Im sorry alyat, i like ya (probs dnt like me, no one does) but you were a bad monkay Tongue

As for the question in the title.. i think double the last bid is probably the best way to go if you want to show strenght (certainly not 11-33x the last bid Big Grin ). they bid 1hs, you bid 2. way i have always done it, it works imo.
just not on dupes, just causes bad blood for basically nout.. aint really worth it.
Thread: fantasy special events

Replies: 47
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07-27-2014 15:20 Forum: Mishmash

Knight of Spectural Auction

Lasts, 18hrs?
All Prefix & suffix items appear on auction, in every veriation, and again in legendary.. but only 1 of each Wink
also, 1 > 10k junk, in random order. (ie, 3579, 10, 43, 9995, 406, 4, 996, 101, 5507, 799 ect ect)

Folllowed by "Pot of Greed" event.
lasts 7 days

All stones spent on last event get put into a massive pot of greed, which people can try win some by doing a special expo (which is a random mob). it costs your level in stones x3 to start & x4 per person accepted Big Grin each loss adds to the pot. 6hrs between each start or join. no gs option. and like 500 levels max

Yeaaahhh.. That'll do, pig, that'll do... Wink
Thread: Enchantments

Replies: 2
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07-11-2014 19:32 Forum: Mishmash - Underworld

you mean like the thread 4 below this one started by Agresiel? Tongue

Runes / Enchants
Thread: Berzerker suggestions

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07-05-2014 19:11 Forum: Game system

In all seriousness, i think that more tattoo's should have leveled increases.

imo; for zerker
Bloodlust; +1 damage per 5 levels
Sacrifice; +1% HP per 5 levels
Desire for Battle; chance for critical hit +1% Per 5 levels, additional 1 attack(s) every 55 levels.

Althou, im not really sure how you could spread that across 5 levels of each tattoo path :S
Thread: Berzerker suggestions

Replies: 44
Views: 2,985
07-04-2014 16:15 Forum: Game system

Lol. why not? can we just go mental? or just beserk?

New special's; all with 1% chance of happeneing

'Bite his bloody ear off' Small chance to mortally wound someone/something in first round, gives -100 Agility & Perception & 1k damage

'You got a perdy mouth' Opponent gets -50% attacks.

'Blood? MY BLOOD? OMFG, YOU HIT ME! DIIEEE!!!' +100 damage

'I want to eat your babies!' +1 attack per round

'Your bleeding on my shoes, stop it' +30% Dodge

'Blood for the blood god!' +100 hp regen per hit

'Bwhahaha, Scream for me' +10% chance of crit

'You remind me of my father, I HATED MY FATHER' +100 toughness

'WHY SOOOO SERIOUS?' Instant win.

'Rainbows, Kittens & Murder!' +50 Agility

'Stick & Stones will break your bones' +20% Damage

'Knee to the groin' Opponent gets -10% dodge

'Slapity slap slap slap' Opponent cant attack that round

Thread: Patch v 1.5.3

Replies: 41
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06-06-2014 20:11 Forum: Game system

Have to agree with apollo there. even i think thats crazy, and i am ment to be the king of crazy ideas Tongue

I did have a thought not long ago about tattoo's when composing my new sever idea thread, an enchantment system for tattoo's similar to koth's but with choices depending on tattoo, but i had given up by then, and didnt bother making yet another thread that would be slowly pushed out of existance by mundane complaining & such. plus i very highly doubt the devs even see half of the idea's. probably for the best.

For what lttle discussing it is worth, i think the new tattoo system is a step in the right direction, Sure it boosts higher levels, probably creating an even larger gap between higher and lower, but is that such a bad thing? the point in being higher level is that you are stronger than those below you..

However, it isnt perfect yet, some clever math and science would need to be done to know exactly how many levels should be between boosts (attacks, damage, luck ect)
I would perosnally like to see more of these leveled boosts in tattoo's in the near future.

also; most of this "balancing" crud could be cut out if speed gave pure -crit chance instead of just guns, the only people the - crit chance for guns affects is one handed guns, any half decent two handed gunner can still get 70 odd % crit with speed. and melee uses it with no minus at all.

My 2 cents, keep the change Wink
Thread: Automatic Disposable Items

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05-30-2014 15:55 Forum: Game system

Whats next? Auto bidding? Auto starting expo's and koth's with auto set invites? auto questing? Tongue
Hey, i work during the day. i cant be around when i want to be, but i will buy a dispos before i got to bed, or during my breaks, if someone strips it, then so be it Wink will farm a member of there clan (or maybe all if the expo fails & i deem it would have passed with a dispos) for a day, Apollo knows this to be the case, im sure Wink Tongue

Personally, i dont approve of the auto disposable for defence on arena.
a set time for all arena's would be better idea, join the fight like 3/clan arena's, and if you dont want to fight, then you dont have too. and some timers for all arena's aswell. i dont know when they are, keep asking & forgetting.
Thread: Make UK-r1 more active

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05-17-2014 03:00 Forum: Game system

I think it's a great idea, dooz, but im not really sure what it will fix in the long run? there will still only be a few hundred players playing the game, quite alot of whom (from what i see/hear) dont bother with prem anymore because the game is so dead. so i doubt it will make much more money for the BW team... will a second char make them buy prem on both?
Gotta think about the fact people will still get junk drops over & over & over, but will get it twice as much.

100% agree that more items on auction will help, noobs cant really get any gear, but what if your new char drops Arachnid ring of levi? can you honestly put your hand on your heart & say you wouldent put it on auction and try buy it with your main char? im pretty sure it would be classed as pushing.
If there was a way to stop people pushing items from char to char, it'll be awesome.

Lol @ Expo/koth's, you should try asking some lower players to give you some links of there attempts at them without help from higher level players. koth especially. the exact same problem you have with market.. mobs are OP for the level range it gives.

Perosnally, i no longer have any will power to post new idea's, no matter how many are stuck inside my head waiting to burst out & make a mess of the forums.. only so many times you can spit in someones face before they lose all hope & throw there hands up and say "hey, screw it, let it burn"


on a sort of side note, i dont mean to rant/flame or anything; I'm afraid any attempt to fix the server is a pipe dream. too little to late.
There are so many reasons why the game is were it is now,

You could blame the slow development of the game (like adding new content, or waiting for patches) i remember waiting almost half a year for Act 2 patch, and when it came it was a buzz for a day or 2, but the existing problems were still there. BW team work as fast as they can im sure.. but people are fickle.

You could also blame the patches that lacked... Interoperability? I dont know what fancy word to use, They wernt for us anyways, they were expolits that the polish servers were using & we got shafted for. expolits that still exist, but require a few extra mins for them to prepare for.

For me, the game really went down hill with the anti merc patch, i loved jumping from clan to clan to hit people with my big stick, even when i posted the idea of clans having the ability loaning players out for siege's, it was pretty much thrown back in my face.

You could blame new games on the market, when a big console game comes out your always going to lose players, ever game does, there is nothing you or the BW team can really do about it. other than hope when they get bored of it, they might crawl back..

I could list problems for people to blame all day, but it would do no good.
whats happened has happened and couldent have happened any other way.

The thing that worries me the most, is when the server becomes to costly to keep running. and they have no choice but to close it down. i love playing blood wars..

Sorry if it seems like a rant or something, it's not, the game is great & that's why we are all still here/keep coming back, holding out our hands wanting more...
even if we are banging our heads against a crumbling wall Wink

Long winded as usual...

On a side-side note;
Global arena's wont fix the game, dont get me wrong, it'll be fun.. see'in BoS & DB get pwned in 1 round will bring an almighty spring in my step & a trololol song in my heart.. because that's what will happen, peoples gear on this server sucks compaired to there's, only 1-2% of the few hundred players left have any chance against there top 500 players.
So yeah, it'll be great.. for them.
That was a mini rant btw ^
Thread: Giving away account; Kapusta, Level 73

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Giving away account; Kapusta, Level 73 04-06-2014 00:38 Forum: Account trading - Underworld

Ah, that was quick.
Given away to Aichi Sendou for a friend.
Thread: Dodge & how it works & Activity

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04-04-2014 18:53 Forum: Game system

Didnt say anything about CA items, or logging off Tongue that's that common sense stuff.
Also, common decency too not log off with CA items in the first place Wink

The caravan is an example it gives in the warning, the activity/chance of success counts for all quests and attacks even if there 1-2 mins long.
not sure if it counts on expo's, you would think not as there several hours long...
Thread: Dodge & how it works & Activity

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Dodge & how it works & Activity 04-04-2014 17:33 Forum: Game system

Ok, so on your wiki it say's that max dodge is 30%. and thats about all it says.. xD

There are ofc 4 types of dodge,
Dodge Guns
Dodge Melee
Dodge Ranged

Im sure that some time ago i read that all hitting/missing/dodging is done by a kind of check system, and i got it into my head (oh no) that it went something like this; (simple version, with R'n'G/luck not included ofc)
Both using guns/perception, to make it a bit easier.

1) Hitting (depending on Perception (max 90%)) [pass/fail]
If pass > 2)
if fail > 3)

2) Dodge (max 30%, if you have that) [pass/fail]
If pass > 4)
If fail > 5)

3) Miss
4) a series of feints and dodges the strike
5) Damage

Is this right? even if it is super basic..

So my question is, if you had 30% dodge & 30% gun dodge, would you get another chance to dodge if the first one failed? so it would be 60% max dodge, instead of 30%.


My second question, what is considerd "doing something" on your account, on wiki (again) it says;
WARNING! The game system counts the chance of success when you do something on your account, e.g. if you remain inactive during a caravan then the chance of success will be counted according to your parameters at the time of your next action.

alot of people (well, i do anyways.. and too me, im the most important person Tongue ) dont leave the quest/attack counter page and wonder why i fail so much, at max chance of succses.
even when im looking though auctions or typeing a long ass PM, i still fail...

would be nice to know how to max my chances of passing via the inactivty/activity side of things.
There is only so much you can click on. do things like scrolling count as activty?

Many thanks.
Thread: Training Room

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Training Room 03-25-2014 17:03 Forum: Game system

New Idea Big Grin

Training room
Basically, you start a kinda expo/attack on a certain type of training dummy, all have unlimited HP, but some have high defence or high toughness or....?, all have 0 agility & 0 perception, and no attacks. waiting time could be like 20mins, maybe?
You then do 1 round of damage and recieve 10% of your damage as PoP (points of progress)
You do 1000 damage & you get 100 PoP
You do 10,000 damage & you get 1000 PoP

Max of 1 per day (24 hours) resets at midnight

Addictional idea for it;
Evo points, at 10% of your level, or 1% of your damage

your level 100 & you get 10 evo points
You do 10,000 damage & you get 100 evo points (probably a bit to much thou, imo)

I Guess you could even add in group try's aswell?
Each person gets a equal % of the total damage as PoP (& level/damage as evo points if you like that part)

Hope you like it, anyways
If you dont, i dont give a rats a** Smile game needs a pick me up, something new.. or players will keep droping out, am not far off it myself atm, got loads of stones, but cant buy any gear i want/need...
Thread: Some ideas

Replies: 13
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02-28-2014 21:11 Forum: Game system

1) Nawh
2) Ummm... Nooooo. as a gangster. i want some crit chance from tat, but i know i wont get it.. i have to get it myself from gear.
3) Agreed, Do something nice. Maybe buy them a Pint & some pig snacks? The tattoo it self... nawh

As for Zerker Rant; (as i missed it)

I think your all mental, Zerker is probs the best tattoo around, it will rule the "Endgame" with the right equipment, And the choice of equipment is only limited to your imagination. (and what's on auction or how much mergeing/planning your willing to do ofc)
You get the choice of one handed & Two handed melee. Imo, One-handed for PvP & Two Handed for expo's & Koth's. just that on it's own PWN's all other tattoo's into a small corner & laughs at there stupid hair cut.

Damage is easy to get, Just use Bandana, Cape & Kilt at P+1 and that's +3 damage per 4 levels. And there is no reason why Zerker cant use deadly set.

I always liked the idea of useing high toughness & dodge gear as a Zerker

Perfect Bullet-proof Bandanna of Adrenaline (+1)
Effects: minimum damage of all weapons +5, maximum damage of all weapons +8, APPEARANCE +17, PERCEPTION -7, damage of all weapons +1 for every 4 levels, chance to hit with melee weapons -23, TOUGHNESS +22, STRENGTH +23, AGILITY +21

Perfect Bullet-proof Cape of Speed (+1)
Effects: REPUTATION +19, AGILITY +10, TOUGHNESS +46, damage of all weapons +1 for every 4 levels, additional 2 attack(s) with every weapon, chance for critical hit with guns -66 %

Perfect Bullet-proof Kilt of Dodges (+1)
Effects: APPEARANCE +19, AGILITY +20, LUCK +4, damage of all weapons +1 for every 4 levels, item defence increased by 1 for every 4 levels, TOUGHNESS +26, opponent does not attack in the first round of combat

(P+1 Bullet-proof Set Bonus): TOUGHNESS +11, dodge guns +29 %

Perfect Twisted Amulet of Levitation (+1)

Perfect Twisted Ring of Levitation (+1)

Perfect Twisted Ring of Levitation (+1)

(P+1 Twisted Set Bonus) ??? +Perception -Agility, +25% dodge, +25% dodge ranged, +25% Dodge melee

Legendary Perfect Agile Two-handed sword of Suicide (+1)
Chance to hit -32, attacks per round: 4, AGILITY +78, weapon damage +32, maximum defence from items = 0, chance for critical hit +25 %, chance to hit increased by 25 %

Total Effects; (inc Tattoo's)
Strength +73
Agility +174 (small -from twisted, unkown)
Toughness +105
Appearance +71
Charisma +52
Reuptation +69
Perception -7 (+from twisted set, unkown)
HP +5% (base + buildings bonus)
Dodge +25%
Gun Dodge +29%
Range Dodge +25%
Melee Dodge +25%
weapon damage +48
minimum damage of all weapons +5
maximum damage of all weapons +8
chance for critical hit +30 %
damage of all weapons +3 for every 4 levels
additional 3 attack(s) with every weapon (7 Total (8 if BM))
chance to hit -55
chance to hit increased by 25 %
opponent does not attack in the first round of combat
maximum defence from items = 0

This doesnt even include Evo's or Enchant's.
Ofc it's a crazy to get set up, but you wouldent have to change anything from Expo > Attack apart from the weps if you wanted too, and BK's will either miss, or get reduced damage from your toughness & Higher Agility.

The point is, It's one of many many set up's you 'Could' have if you put some time & effort into it.
BK's are very limited of what gear they can use, Zerker isnt.

These thread's come and go as people in the game evolve. in the old days, it was gunners (& Me about my 2h wep requirements xD)
when people figure out how to beat BK's again, there will be alot of new thread's about how this tattoo or that tattoo is too powerful, or not powerful enough. and you will be the one thinking "OMG - What a noob"

Anyways, sorry for the long post.. i dont even have to read it too see how long it is, there are many empty beer can's & i want a take away.
Thread: Underworld Help Required Please!

Replies: 7
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02-08-2014 14:57 Forum: Words of advice

With Beastmaster, you get an extra attack with acrane's when you enter act 2 Wink

BK, Highly popular

One; Duability? who cares.. you can smash things into a sticky paste Big Grin

Two; Gear. Basic BK gear is
Helmet of adrenaline
Vest of the death sower
Shorts of the scout
with youth/levitation/accuracy
Murderous Mace (G+1)
this will get you to level 3 tattoo's for the extra attack.

In the future for level 4+ tattoo's you would proably want to go for;
Assult of Adrenaline
Field of Speed
Elvish kilt of scout
Titanium of youth/levitation/accuracy set of jewls
Legendary Agilie of bloodsucker

Alot of people after the same gear thou. so will be very expensive.


Monk, i cant comment on, havent had much experience with it.


Zerker, Personally, this is a fav of mine since BK became so over popular.

One & Two; Yes, you have a choice of using both one handed melee & Two handed melee. This will help alot in expo's in the future, some mobs have high defence, so 2h melee will help alot, some have low defence, but high agility. ect

Three; Yes & No, It all depends on your gear, if you use X of suicide, you can use any & all gear without worring about defence, meaning you can reach much higher agility


My advice; collect melee gear as cheap as you can while building a gunner kit for White & Black dragon badge's, doing those with melee is very very hard, i have done it (before they beefed up stats) & it slowed my level up progress so much it didnt seem worth it.
Thread: The Elder Srolls: Skyrim (Advice)

Replies: 2
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02-07-2014 02:25 Forum: Offtopic

I used bound wep spells, just put them away as you would a normal wep & re-cast

Or summon skeleton, crouch down and pop it in the back with a bow/dagger/destruct spell.. multi skilling.

Biggest problem is how much magika you have, use gear that boosts it, or lowers how much it costs to cast which ever path.
Thread: Another New server idea.

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02-05-2014 23:07 Forum: Game system

Originally posted by Indica
Originally posted by Knightroad

Completed 99.9% of it
added up some wep stats aswell.

Common, lemme know what ya think.. screw what melee players think, is for the rangers & gunners Big Grin

Haha, that's exactly what the devs thought for the great event of no stats from prefix and suffix.

That event is poo, my new version is much better Wink
Thread: Another New server idea.

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02-04-2014 13:11 Forum: Game system


Completed 99.9% of it
added up some wep stats aswell.

Common, lemme know what ya think.. screw what melee players think, is for the rangers & gunners Big Grin
Thread: Count to a million :D

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Thread: Idea's to fix the game for ya.

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RE: Idea's to fix the game for ya. 01-30-2014 18:04 Forum: Game system

Originally posted by Evangelion
Originally posted by Knightroad
2ndly, offer some better rewards for inviting people, lets be honest, 80% of people who invite someone is only for the task in z5 (300-400pop?), and thats normally there mum or a friend who isnt going to play.
ofc, there are some who invite because they dont want the game to die. too few thou.
Personally, i think a weekly Lgo boost per active player? or some small stones? idk. normally when i offer amount, i get shot down..

Now just make it that if a person you invited invites another person you get another boost. Voila, a pyramid scheme Tongue

Sure, why not?
Infact, Thats a bloody good idea... give your self a pat on the back & a warning Wink
Who would be at the top of the pyramid? Not me, im going to retire to the bahama's when i get my cheque from BW... for all my awsome idea's Wink Tongue
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01-26-2014 01:26 Forum: Game system

Originally posted by Indica
Originally posted by Knightroad
Buy me dinner first

You mean like neither necro & underworld not being happy with it? or me & you over merging items?

I tried my best to get a balance between the two, aswell as open the game out to newer players somewhat.. too much, or not enough?

Edit; Added up "17) hunter's & Speed" to first post

neither realm type player. The issue that i can see is everyone in identical equipment, there'd be no competition.

Any steakhouse sound good for dinner?

I See, i had thought about adding new tattoo's, but there a pain to think up names for Big Grin trying to work out a new (hopefully) a better balance for current tattoo's was hard enough

always liked the idea of a black knight with one handed melee "White Knight"
A tattoo thats works with 2h melee Or ranged tattoo "Samurai"
And a tank style tattoo, that gives loads of toughness & defence.

Aslo, alot of the higher prefix/suffix will be alot rarer, why i wanted luck to increase chance to find higher quality.

Know any American style steakhouses? i'd kill for a good steak.

Edit; Added up; 18 )Tattoo's & 19)Drop's & Rarity.
Edit; 18.1)New Tattoo's
Edit; some more realistic numbers on stuff.
Edit; 20) Wepons & Stats & 21) Extra attacks per round
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01-26-2014 00:38 Forum: Game system

Buy me dinner first

You mean like neither necro & underworld not being happy with it? or me & you over merging items?

I tried my best to get a balance between the two, aswell as open the game out to newer players somewhat.. too much, or not enough?

Edit; Added up "17) hunter's & Speed" to first post
Thread: Another New server idea.

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01-25-2014 23:22 Forum: Game system

Originally posted by Indica
i enjoy merging, this seems too simplistic for my liking

It's a half way between necro & underworld, nerco players can get a thunderfist without having to learn basic merge's, and underworld players can make agile thunderfists of suicide/skill/whatever without worrying if it's gonna end up as a club, kama or axe.
can see your point thou.. if i enjoyed merging, i might even change it Tongue but i dont anymore Wink

Any other bits you wana poke at? Tongue
Thread: Another New server idea.

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Another New server idea. 01-25-2014 21:07 Forum: Game system

New Server, again.. "Anarchy" Type

Sorry bout' spelling, grammer.. notepad doesnt have a spell checker

Learned alot since i last posted a server idea, all those year's ago
new one is aimed to be a hybrid of Underworld & Necro. used underworld as shell thou. with a dash of knightroad crazy.
exp, stones, amount of quests, attacks & everything else will be same as underworld.

Pretty sure all that is listen below is not in the "Things that will never be changed" thread.

NOTE: Some numbers below would probs be lowered, some are just to show that there is an increase between levels/levels of difficulty.

Small Changes;
More + blood from Slaughter house
Armory = 140-150 items at level 15
Max dodge = 45%
Max crit chance = 90%
Luck increases chance to find prefix/suffix of higher quality, like 10 luck = +1/2/3% (easy/far/pilgrim (act 1))
you Start the game with 2x Clubs
Actions will have 3 new tabs, [Weapon addons], [Armor Addons] & [Jewllery Addons]
Only items above good will be able to go on auction

Significant changes;

1) Items. will be set at normal, good, excellect, outstanding & Perfect. no inbetween's, not able to upgrade from one to other & shop no longer sells items, only disposables & junk

2) Prefix & suffix; Quests will only drop items without Prefix & suffix, but will instead drop Prefix & suffix "addons"
During the quest the following items were found: Battle addon, exellect Cap.

drop rates;
Act 1, Normal; 10%, Far; 11%, Pilgrim; 12%
Act 2, Normal; 12%, Far; 13%, Pilgrim; 15%
Act 3, Normal; 15%, Far; 16%, Pilgrim; 18%
Act 4, Normal; 18%, Far; 20%, Pilgrim; 22%
Act 5, Normal; 22%, Far; 25%, Pilgrim; 30%

"Adding" a Prefix or suffix to an item will be done in the well of souls, the first one will cost 2 stones, the second 4 stones. ie;

Normal, 2bs > 4bs
Good, 2hs > 4hs
Exellect 2ls > 4ls
Outstanding 2ms > 4ms
Perfect 2ss > 4ss

[Runic] > [Good cap] = 2hs [Good Runic Cap]
[of Adrenaline] > [Good Runic Cap] = 4hs [Good Runic Cap of Adrenaline]

[Agile] > [Perfect Thunderfist] = 2ss [Perfect Agile Thunderfist]
[of Suicide] > [Perfect Agile Thunderfist] = 4ss [Perfect Agile Thunderfist of Suicide]

[Solar] > [Amulet] = 2bs [Solar Amulet]
[Of the Werewolf] > [Solar Amulet] = [Solar Amulet Of the Werewolf] = 4bs

You will be able to add Prefix or suffix to any wep (if a wepon addon) or any item/jewllery (if a item/jewl addon)
There are no specaiftic types when it comes to weapons, Agile/of Reaction/of XYZ can be fitted to one handed melee, 2 handed melee, Ranged Weps, 1 handed guns & 2 handed guns

*Speed is the only suffix thats is restricted to armour (Chest/body/what ever).

Legendary is an addon, none tradable. reduces stat requirements by 20% & add's;.
1h melee; +1 damage per 4 levels, +5% dodge
2h melee; +27% chance to hit, +10% chance to crit
Range; +27% chance to hit, +5% dodge
1h guns; +27% chance to hit, +30% damage
2h guns; +1 attack per round, +5% dodge

Legendary drop rate chance;
Act 2, Normal; 10%, Far; 11%, Pilgrim; 12%
Act 3, Normal; 12%, Far; 15%, Pilgrim; 18%
Act 4, Normal; 18%, Far; 20%, Pilgrim; 22%
Act 5, Normal; 22%, Far; 25%, Pilgrim; 30%

2.1) Requirements, Prefix & Suffix will not increase level requirements as much as Underworld
Ie; (roughly)
Club = No Requirements
Light Club = Level 5, 10 Strength, 10 Agility, 5 Kknowledge
Light Club of Hitting = Level 8, 15 Strength, 20 Agility, 8 Knowledge

3) Set's. PRefix set's will be availbe for all Prefix, apart from weps. Set bounes will impove most at Excellent & Perfect.

Artistic; +Apperance, +Intel
Assault; +Damage
Battle; +Damage (+1 attack at Perfect)
Bloody; +Perception, +chance to hit with melee
Bullet-proof Cap; +Toughness, +Gun dodge
Compound; +Char defence
Deadly; + Damage
Decorative; +Apperance, +Reputation
Elvish; +chance to hit with range
Elegant; +Apperance, +dodge
Field; +Defence, +Char Defence
Flexable; +Agility, (+dodge at Perfect)
Hardened; +Toughness
Helpful; +Prime stats
Hunters; +chance to hit (+ 1 attack at excellent)
Horned; +1 Damage Per 4 levels. (+2 at Perfect)
Lazy; +Exp
Light; +Agility, (+1 attack at perfect)
Magnetic; +Knowledge
Malicious; Opponenet doesn't attack in the first round of combat
Quilted; +Strenght
Regal; +Charisma
Ritual; +Blood points
Runic; +Luck, + Defence
Scaled; +Defence, -agility
Shamanistic; +Blood points
Splinted; +Damage
Strengthened; +Strength
Studded; +Damage
Tiger`s; +Agility (items defence = 0 at Perfect)

Jewellery; same as underworld, Acrances will work at normal, but cost more Blood points, reduced Blood point cost per item quality. perfect = same cost as race who it belongs to.

4) Auctions. You will be able to sell addons & basic weps ONLY, once an addon has have been added to an item, there worthless on auctions
* Maybe be able to remove addon's, for heafty an fee.

5) Mergeing, you can only merge addons, once they have been added to a wep you can no longer merge them

6) Act 2-5.
Act 2, Level 50. All Quests done needed to advance too.
Act 3, Level 65. All Quests done needed to advance too.
Act 4, Level 80. All Quests done needed to advance too & Completion of a Special Arena
Act 5, Level 110. All Quests done needed to advance too, Completion of a Special Arena & Wendigo badge.

7) Races & New Bonuses
Act 4; Act 4 acrances cannot be blocked or absorbed.

Absober; Reflect, 1% chance to reflect attacks per level.
Cultlist; Ritual of Scrafice. -1% hp, +1 damage per level.
Thoughtcatcher; Mask of X, Increases knowledge 1 per level
Beastmaster; Thrall, Summons a thrall with 1 attack, +1 attack & +150 damage per level.
Cursed One; Black Blood, 2% chance to posion an enemy that hits you per level. does 100 damage per level.
*Exalted One; 10 luck, +5% chance of crit & +10 chance to hit, Choice of 3 Acrancea's from all but cursed one.

8 ) CLAN TASKS~!! PoP & small stones rewards to whole clan, each recives = to there level, even if they get killed.
* Gather your clan & show the arena what true monsters are.
* Cursed Monsters gather around your clan's headquaters, show no mercy.
* The Former Userper has gathered an army of undead, and rumors sujest he aims to use it against you.
* Build X too X
* A messenger delivers a strange note, mostly unitelagble, the only words you can make out are "Army".."Spidery Chasm".."Chosen ones"
* The Lord of Darkness has asks you to do X at X
* Hunt X and retrive something or other.

9) Arena.
3 Types. 2 of them new.
1) Fight for your Life; New Mobs, Arena Specific. One on One or Clan. Small amount of Exp & item &/or Addon rewards. can start at them at level 20, 6 availbe, +1 every 4 hours.
2) Arena of Blood. Fight Players of similar level. For PoP & PoH, Preset Char's aswell, if not enough people in.
3) Weekend Warrior. Same as What's on Underworld now.

10) New Events. (including old ones, Atleast 2 a month)
Night of Twisted Tales; Increased quest pass chance.
Night of True Horror; No buildings, tattoo's or prefix/suffix in attacks, double exp & evo points.
Night of The New Blood; Fresh players only, +20% Exp, lasts till level 20. works with other events.
Bloody Mist; +20% HP, Reduced Regen costs, Increased Blood Points.

10.1)Daily & Weekly events
New Weekly Event, which you get on sunday at 00:00:01, stacks with daily
1 of X, randomly, lasts for 1 day (24 hours)
1) +1 item drop on quests
2) Double evo points from attacks
3) Increased Exp/PoP from everthing (+25%?)
4) Higher chance of higher Expo mob's, even if all are dead.
5) Exchange on breaking down stones doesnt lose you stones (i.e; 1hs broken down = 10bs, instead of 5)
6) Double Reasource income

11) Stones from Piont Increase.
No longer do you gain stones via message's when you increase in points, you have to collect them in the well of souls manually.

12) Devil's Slot Machine.
Opens once a month for 1 day, Randomly.. it could open at the end of the month, the begining of the month, maybe even half way though.
You can buy tokens for stones (& Premium days?) Which you can buy at any time.
Garentted, a minimum of 1 stone & 1 addon. could be 1bs & of the Addict, Or 10ss & 10 addons.
Max of 20 spins

13) Evolutions,
Avalible in act 1, but alot of them locked until act 2-3
More levels than are currently on underworld, 10(?) instead of 4. will give same as underworld, just split more.
Level 1 +3 Perception, cost 50 evo points
Level 2 +5 Perception, cost 75 evo points
(Act 2) Level 3 +7 Perception, cost 100 evo points
Level 4 +10 Perception, cost 125 evo points
Level 5 +12 Perception, cost 150 evo points
(Act 3) Level 6 +15 Perception, cost 175 evo points
Level 7 +15 Perception, +2% melee dodge, +1% range dodge, cost 200 evo points
Level 8 +15 Perception, +5% melee dodge, +2% range dodge, cost 200 evo points
Level 9 +17 Perception, +7% melee dodge, +4% range dodge, cost 250 evo points
Level 10 +20 Perception, +10% melee dodge, +7% range dodge, cost 250 evo points

14) Clan Buildings, (aditional)
Clan armory ~ +X CA spaces per level
Clan Housing ~ +X mems of cla per X level

15) Tasks

16) Zone Space's
12x Z1 (will be harder to get to)
24x z2 (will be harder to get to)
144x z3 (same as underowlrd)
1728x z4 (same as underowlrd)
20736x z5 (same as underowlrd)

17) Hunter's & Speed, to give more balance both would give -crit chance, instead of just for guns, at a reduced amount.

Ie; Speed;
Normal -10% chance of crit hit
Good +1 attack, -15% chance of crit hit
Excellect +1 attack, -15% chance of crit hit
Outstanding +1 Attacks, -20% chance of crit hit
Perfect +2 attacks, +10% dodge, -25% chance of crit hit

Normal; Perception +6, Knowledge +5, -10% chance of crit hit, chance to hit with melee weapons -15
Good; Perception +8, Knowledge +6, -15% chance of crit hit, chance to hit with melee weapons -20
Excellect; Perception +11, Knowledge +10, -20% chance of crit hit, chance to hit with melee weapons -30
Outstanding; Perception +15, Knowledge +11, -25% chance of crit hit, chance to hit with melee weapons -40
Perfect; Perception +20, Knowledge +15, +10 chance to hit, -30% chance of crit hit, chance to hit with melee weapons -50

18 ) Tattoo's.
They need balancing still imo; all will give the same +% Exp
Assassin; +1 attack with "Deadly efficacy"
Gunman; +luck from "Born with gun in hand"
Gangster; +lil extra wep damage on "Tricks of alleys"
Demon Lord; ?Dunno?
Monk; More Toughness from "Ascetic build" +(something, dunno) from "Discipline"
Berserker; + more % HP from "Sacrifice", and (something, dunno) at level 5.
Black Knight; lower crit chance from "Power of Faith" after level 3.
Sniper; Change the act 3 damage modifer to +1 damage per 4 levels on "Shooting Ace"
Collector; + damage from "Aborigine"
Hunter; Doesnt need it.

18.1) New Tattoo's
White Knight ~ Two One-handed Melee. all stats same as BK, with the lowered crit chance.
LEVEL 1 : helmet defence min 6, armour defence min 9, pants defence min 6
LEVEL 2 : helmet defence min 12, armour defence min 20, pants defence min 12
LEVEL 3 : helmet defence min 18, armour defence min 27, pants defence min 18
LEVEL 4 : helmet defence min 24, armour defence min 38, pants defence min 24
LEVEL 5 : helmet defence min 30, armour defence min 60, pants defence min 30

Heart of might (+Chance to hit)
?? (+Crit)
Champion (+luck, +1 attack at level 3)
?? (+exp)

Samuari ~ Two-handed Melee, Range
Level 1 : Helmet defence Max 10, amrour defence max 20, pants defence max 6
Level 1 : Helmet defence Max 15, amrour defence max 25, pants defence max 12
Level 1 : Helmet defence Max 20, amrour defence max 30, pants defence max 18
Level 1 : Helmet defence Max 25, amrour defence max 35, pants defence max 24
Level 1 : Helmet defence Max 30, amrour defence max 40, pants defence max 30

Battojutsu, +Crit chance (5/10/15/20/20), +1 attack at level 5 (cost 1/1/1/1/1)
Iaijutsu, + dodge (2/4/6/8/10), +% HP (+5%/+10%) at level 4&5 (cost 1/1/1/1/1)
Kenjutsu, +Chance to hit (10/16/24/32/40), +1 damage per 4 levels at level 5 (cost 2/2/2/2/2)
Koryu, +Exp, +Luck (cost 2/2/2/2/2)

Ancient, Any
Level 1 : Helmet defence Max 0, amrour defence max 0, pants defence max 0
Level 1 : Helmet defence Max 0, amrour defence max 0, pants defence max 0
Level 1 : Helmet defence Max 0, amrour defence max 0, pants defence max 0
Level 1 : Helmet defence Max 0, amrour defence max 0, pants defence max 0
Level 1 : Helmet defence Max 0, amrour defence max 0, pants defence max 0

Ancient Sight +Chance to hit (4/8/16/22/30) (cost 1/1/1/1/1)
Ancient Prayer +% Crit chance (2/5/10/15/20), +1 damage every 4 levels at level 5. (cost 1/1/1/1/1)
Ancient Secrets +Luck, +Toughness (TBA) +5% dodge at level 5 (cost 2/2/2/2/2)
Ancient Knowledge +exp (cost 2/2/2/2/2)

19) Drop's & Rarity.
The Rarity of Addons will be set by how much sell for on other server, at average. probs be split into 4 cat's.
Common, Medium, Rare & supar rare
This will affect how offten they are droped.
Solar is a "Super rare", so it will be very very hard to get
Elvish is Medium, so it will drop every now and then.
Studded is "Common", so it will drop more often.

Dagger is Common, so it will drop more often
Thunderfist is Rare, so it will drop if your quite lucky

20) Wepons & Stats from Prefix & suffix, two handed will be double what one handed gives;
Example's Below, All Murderous Of reaction @ Normal

Murderous Knife of Reaction
Damage: 16 - 17
Effects: Chance to hit +5, AGILITY +8, PERCEPTION +3, chance for critical hit +10%, weapon damage +11

Murderous Mace of Reaction
Damage: 37 - 52
Effects: Chance to hit -14, AGILITY +16, PERCEPTION +6, chance for critical hit +20%, weapon damage +22

Murderous Uzi of Reaction
Damage: 12 - 26
Effects: Chance to hit +5, attacks per round: 2, AGILITY +8, PERCEPTION +3, chance for critical hit +10%, weapon damage +11

Murderous Hunting Rifle of Reaction
Damage: 32 - 42
Effects: Chance to hit -12, attacks per round: 3, AGILITY +16, PERCEPTION +9, chance for critical hit +55%, weapon damage +22, ignores 40 % of your opponent`s defence

Murderous Shuriken of Reaction
Damage: 32 - 35
Effects: Chance to hit -10, attacks per round: 2, AGILITY +16, PERCEPTION +6, chance for critical hit +20%, weapon damage +22,

21) Extra Attacks Per round,
*First + is when it get's a second attack.

Knife +Good, +Perfect
Dagger +Good, +Perfect
Club +Excellent
Sword +Good, +Perfect
Thunderfist +Normal, +Excellent, +Perfect, +Perfect
Rapier +Outstanding, +Perfect
Axe +Outstanding, +Perfect
Knuckle-duster, +Normal, +Excellent, +Perfect
Kama +Outstanding, +Perfect
Wakizashi +Outstanding

Two-handed axe +Good
Pike +Excellent
Scythe +Outstanding
Mace +Good
Two-handed sword +Good, +Perfect
Crowbar +outstanding
Flail +Good, +Perfect
Katana +Excellent, +Perfect
Chainsaw +Excellent
Halberd +Excellent

Bow +Good, +Outstanding
Short bow +Good, +Excellent
Long bow +Good, +Outstanding
Composite bow +Good, +Perfect
Crossbow +Good, +Excellent, +Outstanding
Heavy Crossbow +Excellent, +Outstanding
Javelin +Excellent, +Perfect
Pilum +Excellent, +Perfect
Throwing knife +Normal, +Good, +Good, +Excellent, +Excellent, +Oustanding, +Perfect
Throwing axe +Normal, +Good, +Excellent, +Oustanding, +Perfect
Shuriken +Normal, +Good, +Good, +Excellent, +Oustanding, +Perfect +Perfect

Glock +Normal, +Excllent
Berretta +Normal, +Perfect +Perfect
Magnum +Good, +Perfect
Scorpio +Normal, +Good, +Outstanding, +Perfect
Uzi +Normal, +Good, +Perfect
Desert eagle +Good, +Outstanding
Mp5k +Normal, +Perfect, +Perfect

AK-47 +Normal, +Good, +Excellent, +Perfect, +Perfect
Hunting rifle +Normal,+Normal, +Perfect
Semi automatic sniper rifle, +Normal, +Perfect
Sniper rifle +Perfect
Shotgun +Normal, +Outstanding, +Perfect
Fn-fal +Normal, +Good, +Excellent
Flame thrower +Good, +Perfect

Armour of speed +Good, +Perfect
Fast prefix +Outstanding, +Perfect
Agile prefix +Good, +Perfect
fire rate +Outstanding, +Perfect
Solar set +Good, +Perfect
Deadly set +Perfect

22)Expo Mob's.
White & Black dragons will have there max stats lowered to how they used to be, why they were changed in the first place is beyond me.

23)Weapons = To Underworld (roughly)
Normal = Normal
Good = Normal +5
Excellent = Good +3
Outstanding = Perfect
Perfect = Perfect +5

Outstanding Hunting Rifle
Damage: 45 - 55
Effects: Perception +16, attacks per round: 3, chance for critical hit +44 %, the weapon ignores 40 % of your opponent`s defence

Pefect Hunting Rifle
Damage: 62 - 72
Effects: Perception +28, attacks per round: 4, chance for critical hit +54 %, the weapon ignores 40 % of your opponent`s defence

Let me know what ya think (Like i need to ask Big Grin )
and to the BW team; my offer from all those years ago hasnt changed, i will happily put myself in debt with bank & satan for a new type of server Wink
The Trolling/Hate that follwows is sponsored by people with small wangs, Because everyone needs an outlet & doesnt own an xbox & headset! Big Grin trolol

I very highly doubt my dream of getting a new server like this will come true, but For the LOL's;

Legendary Perfect Fast Sniper Rifle of the Dryad
Damage: 141 - 147
Effects: Chance to hit +49, attacks per round: 5, PERCEPTION +70, REPUTATION +50 AGILITY +26, TOUGHNESS -7, chance for critical hit +118 %, the weapon ignores 100 % of your opponent`s defence, weapon damage +17, +5% dodge

Legendary Perfect Fast Flame thrower of the Dryad
Damage: 84 - 184
Effects: Chance to hit +25, attacks per round: 7, chance for critical hit +118 %, the weapon ignores 100 % of your opponent`s defence, AGILITY +48, PERCEPTION +48, REPUTATION +50, TOUGHNESS -7, weapon damage +17, +5% dodge

Legendary Perfect Agile Desert Eagle of the Conqueror
Damage: 64 - 70
Effects: attacks per round: 6, REPUTATION +67, CHARISMA +12, AGILITY +37, KNOWLEDGE +31, chance for critical hit +20 %, ignores 20 % of your opponent`s defence, chance to hit increased by 27 %, overall weapon damage +30 %

Legendary Perfect Agile Heavy crossbow of Reaction
Damage: 110 - 184
Effects: Chance to hit +54, attacks per round: 6, chance for critical hit +93 %, the weapon ignores 98 % of your opponent`s defence, PERCEPTION +39, AGILITY +87, weapon damage +19, chance to hit increased by 27 %, overall weapon damage +15 %
Thread: Idea's to fix the game for ya.

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01-24-2014 18:44 Forum: Game system

i dont give a rats ass about empty squares, just siege it from them if there inactive.

I raise my level & collect PoH from inactive players aswell, but i have seen many inactives that havent been on in 3 years with items that dont go on auction very often, if at all, items which when they do go on auction, because they havent been on in so long, people bid like there's not going to be another.

As i said in my first post, no player, no matter how patient they are, will play a game where only the high levels & very very lucky can afford to buy basic things, get items back into the game before you even try to get players imo.

Personally, i have been in the same gear since level 22-24 (plus leg weps ofc) now level 58, if i dont get the basic gear i want (not even prefix & suffix gear, and not solar) before level 64-65, im off again. im all for playing the long game n' all that, but screw hitting 500+ points in bare basic gear.

Maybe im just used to the game as it used to be, before mid 2010.
I cant see any reason why so many left other than the auction prices sky rocketing.

edit 1; spelling...
edit 2; grammer..
Thread: Idea's to fix the game for ya.

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01-24-2014 17:30 Forum: Game system

Originally posted by Pops
every player below 2431 has only 1 point.

so out of 17k players, only 2431 ever made it past 1 point.

I think it might be good if there was an automatic reminder email, after maybe a month or so, then after 3 months to remind people about their account, with maybe a days premium or something as an incentive for players to return?

Then if people dont come back, reply to the email or click a link to keep their account preserved, it can be safely deleted.

Or even make the algorithm more aggressive in zones 1-4, but leave zone 5 as it is?

And of those 2431, only 20-25% are active Frown

a 30 day log in warning (log in or be deleted) after 3 months of inactiveity per 500 points, maybe? idk, that was just an additional idea, getting old players back & new players here (and staying!) is more important than inactives, for sure.

Biggest problems when your new imo, is you can only quest & attack, the premium you get is naff all, you'll be lucky to get to level 10 before it runs out, perosnally when i made my new char, the first thing i did was buy some premium so i could buy shotening.

reel them in more & get them hooked before you take a dump on them Wink If it was up to me, you would have premium & shortening till you hit level 20, aint like it would cost anything to the BW team. maybe in the short term, but in the long term, it can only help them.

In the time i have been gone, i have come up with alot of ideas, i will post them at some point. none of them are huge imo, but they will boost player happiness (mine for sure) & help put the game back at the top where it belongs.
Thread: Idea's to fix the game for ya.

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01-23-2014 22:29 Forum: Game system

Hmm, that was a fast reply, thanks Smile

1. Will have to take your word for it. i dont really know anything about PR, i know alot of people on here are manga fans, and you always see online game adverts on those type of webs

2. Awsome Smile

3&4. i will hope it's something vastly complicated, maybe involving a random item auction duplicator... type thing? you lot love everything random Wink

5. a script? Really? is that for 1 pointers thou? current population of server is 17973, i would place money that less that 500 of them are truely active, and 10k of them havent logged on since late 2010, early 2011 (around when auctions went a bit mental)
my idea would see that atleast there items wouldent go to waste when your "script" does it's thing. guess it would take alot of work to sort that kind of thing out thou Frown
Thread: This or That

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ketchup, ketchup on everything.

Chocolate Digestive or Chocolate bourbon?
Thread: Idea's to fix the game for ya.

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Idea's to fix the game for ya. 01-23-2014 00:54 Forum: Game system

First post on the forums in many moons, Game is.. ehh, it needs help, could go all "Cpt. Hindsight" & say "i told you so", this still isnt polish server.

First of all, couple things;
Szj, think i am owed some kind of payment for all my old idea's you have added to the game? althou, there not as good as they could have been.. some kind of translation problem maybe? i say "more" you translate as "more for higher players" Tongue trolol

2nd; Love the new updates, Arena & Koth are awsome. cant wait to try out act 3 stuff. my ideas would have been better thou Big Grin

The idea's;

1stly, I read somewhere you have been doing some PR stuff? havent seen any of it myself tbh, or heard of anyone seeing it either, maybe you should do a poll with players, find out what kind of websites they visit.. get a good idea where to find people who will actully play? like-minded people and all that.

2ndly, offer some better rewards for inviting people, lets be honest, 80% of people who invite someone is only for the task in z5 (300-400pop?), and thats normally there mum or a friend who isnt going to play.
ofc, there are some who invite because they dont want the game to die. too few thou.
Personally, i think a weekly Lgo boost per active player? or some small stones? idk. normally when i offer amount, i get shot down..

3rdly, (this will get trolled, i dont care.) Auctions & prices, Higher players will call it inflation, i call it being greedy/stupid (+5 points for being polite?). Too me, it looks like orangised pushing, each time an item sells, what it's sold for is put at a min bid of the next one sold, so people have to increase the price of items.. 5-6 times, this has doubled the value of an item, and most of them are mid range merge parts. still need to buy another 5-6 items like that. no player under 1k points will spend 50ss+ on 1 mid range item, no matter how lucky they are with drops.
people can try to justify it all they like, but imo i think it will & already has scared alot of lower players off.
set some average prices & punish those who take the pee. take there item/stones.

4thly (kinda ties with 3rd) Drop rates. lower amount of players, means there are even less items around.. which, will increase there value (not as much as they are), imo pre/suf quest drop rates should be changed so they match the amount of players on a server, that way we get some items & other populated servers get what they always have; naff all unless your an absorber or have a really good quest set.

Lastly, Start getting rid of these accounts that havent logged on for years on end, can understand not wanting to get rid of higher levels.. but there are ALOT of lower levels who havent been on since 2010-11, alot of them have good items that are lost, maybe pool there resources, items & stones, and do a special arena event, random rewards.. if they come back, they get to crawl there way back to the top, lucky them, no?

Troll my idea's away if you must. i can go back to trying to add extra crazy things to the game, instead of offering idea's to fix stuff if you like? Smile
Thread: Bloodwars on console ?

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11-25-2010 20:44 Forum: Offtopic

You can play BW on PS3, but you cant do some stuff... or it takes quite a long time. i do belive there has been a thread like this else were, but i could be wrong.. i know there was a thread made about things you cant do with the ps3 for sure

I dont belive you can do anything useful with the xbox other than beat yourself to death. if it dosnt fall apart first that is Big Grin you might be able to on the elite... but i dont know. best ask someone with an xbox.
Thread: Favorite Guns/mellee Wepons (Real Life)

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11-15-2010 01:04 Forum: Offtopic

Insults are my fav weapon Big Grin
I can cut people down with insults quicker than a machine gun could Wink

Knuckle dusters are my fav "melee" weapons. i like useing my fists... but sometimes people deserver more of a beating than your fists can give, i learned the hard way (by completely mashing up my knuckles)

Swords; any old jap swords, i had a nice collection but they were taken by the pork chops and destroyed... should have got them blunted Crying

Guns; only 2 guns i like, 1 is a desert eagle. just because it looks nice.
second is the old tompsons you see in old gangster movies.


I absolutly hate accurate guns, rifles ect. if you gotta kill someone i belive if should be up close and personal, close enough to see the look of fear on there face... get alittle blood on you.

The thing i hate most of all is head shots how are you surposed to gain there power if you cant eat there brains xD

Edit; wow that picture is big...
Thread: good idea

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11-05-2010 14:21 Forum: Offtopic

There are to many weapons. almost infinate combos of prefix and suffix, along with the 15 levels of each.. your looking at a 100+ page thread + spam and useles posts :/

nice idea, but its just easier to look in closed auctions
Thread: Our Photographs

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11-04-2010 10:40 Forum: Offtopic

Some pictures from my recent trip to orlando Smile
Dont worry, the shirtless pictures havent been added ;D

Was tken at night time :S

Me and the family at feeding time @ ruby tuesdays... i think

Me ruining my mum & her bf's picture lol

Swimming pool and jacuzzi at the house we rented Smile


hogwarts @ universal studios

Hogwart again, from another angle

Me n the family haveing a ciggie break

choo choo train

My grandad with a dolphin, aint posting pic of me as i look like a knob in that jacket xD well... more han normal Tongue

A pic of me trying to take a picture of a thunderstrom


some aligators

a shark


Me nd brian holding up the cue for pictures with jaws lolz

Will uplaoad more when im back home Smile
Thread: Wow..

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11-04-2010 10:29 Forum: Offtopic

Originally posted by 4thtimelucky
knightroad i have seen prove of zombies and i will let you no tomorrow when my iso gets to disc

I have seen nothing but fan made crap on youtube Frown makes me wana get my punch on Evil
Let me know thou Big Grin
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