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Thread: General Blood Wars motto

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Blood Wars motto 06-11-2016 16:13 Forum: Mishmash

I would like to suggest that we adopt the motto "I've Got Stones" for Blood Wars.

Think of the marketing potential--it could appear on the coffee cups and hoodies sold in the BWTeam Shop. (Just for my curiosity, have any gangbangers purchased a Blood Wars hoodie?)

Of course, the naysayers on these forums will immediately vote "thumbs down" to this post given that stones only apply to Underworld. Come on, folks, everyone knows Necropolis is a waste.

Yes, even female players could wear an "I've Got Stones" t-shirt because most women have their husband's or boyfriend's stones in a jar on a shelf in the living room anyway, right?
Thread: General A way to say "Thanks"

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A way to say "Thanks" 06-05-2016 04:50 Forum: Mishmash

A clan on Underworld finally showed pity and admitted me. They've stuck me in a corner and occasionally throw me a bone. I like this clan.

There's a guy in the clan who takes very good care of me. Whenever he runs an expedition for low-level players, he always sends a personal invitation to me. When I ran my first expeditions, he joined as a good samaritan to insure that I received all of the experience.

I wish Blood Wars provided a way to thank other players. You know, like a gift shop, where we could use PoP or stones to send a virtual gift to somebody.

I'd like to send him...

A beer


A shot of liquor
(Hmmm, maybe he drinks straight out of the bottle...)


A babe in armor


A babe without armor [What? You don't like Rubens?]
(Hmmm, maybe he'd prefer a dude in armor...)


just a simple thumbs up counter on his profile page.

Thank you for considering my idea, Blood Wars administrators.
Thread: The definition of "paradox"

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The definition of "paradox" 06-02-2016 03:43 Forum: Looks of the game

paradox /ˈparədɒks/


We receive the silly "Operation was not successful due to invalid link or clicking REFRESH or BACK" notification whenever the system gets a loose hair, but...

When a New Arena silver coins bonus expires, we receive ZERO notification.

Thread: Barren Necropolis Auctions

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Barren Necropolis Auctions 05-23-2016 08:50 Forum: Game system

As I wrote in yesterday's whine about the "Notification from **HELL**":

Necropolis's Auctions are barren. Players don't sell their items on the Auctions very much.

I currently have a list of 12 (count 'em...12) items in my Armoury that I would like to offer on the Auctions. However, I can't yet because my Zone 4 space has "OLD MARKET LEVEL 3", which only allows a maximum 2 trade offers.

Old Market is expensive to upgrade. Besides, why do it? An upgrade to Old Market only affects sellers; buyers can make bids on an unlimited number of items.


1. On Necropolis ONLY (Underworld doesn't have a problem), increase the number of trade offers allowed per Old Market level.

2. Occasionally (??once per month, ??once every two weeks) have a temporary system effect that doubles a player's number of allowed trade offers.
Thread: Notification from **HELL**

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Notification from **HELL** 05-22-2016 09:05 Forum: Game system

Shortly after the "Velvet" revolution in my country, my wife and I wanted to buy a residence. We went to a real estate agency named "Laniček".

In all of my years, I've never seen anything like "Laniček". They charged a fee for each address that interested us. If we visited the address with an agent. If we looked by ourselves. We had to pay a ridiculous fee for **EACH** address.

I quickly realized two things:
  1. Mr. Laniček was afraid that buyers and sellers would cut him out of the sale and he would lose his commission;
  2. People, such as Laniček, who are paranoid of thieves...they are usually thieves themselves.


Especially in the "SPECIAL OFFERS" section of Necropolis's Shop, I am becoming very tired of the notification: "Operation was not successful due to invalid link or clicking REFRESH or BACK."

In the hundreds (thousands?) of games that I have ever played, I cannot remember a single game that displayed such a ridiculous notification.

Deny as emphatically as you wish, but I suspect that the motive behind this notification is a lack of trust in Blood Wars players. To prevent a small handful of players from cheating, you are hugely inconveniencing honest players:
  • We cannot open another tab in our browser to check equipment that we already own in our Armoury without getting this message;
  • We cannot sell Junk to get sufficient Money to make a purchase without getting this message.

By the time that we are ready to buy an item in the "SPECIAL OFFERS" section of Necropolis's Shop, it's often GONE. I have missed several good items due to this notification from **HELL**.

Necropolis's Auctions are barren. Players don't sell their items on the Auctions very much, and the system doesn't "prime" the Auctions like on Underworld. Good items do not appear very often in the "SPECIAL OFFERS" section of Necropolis's Shop. It's difficult enough to get good items on Necropolis--why do you want to hinder us even more with this ridiculous notification?


1. Get rid of the notification. Learn to trust the players on Blood Wars, and find another way to catch the cheaters.

2. Change the mechanics of the "SPECIAL OFFERS" section of Necropolis's Shop. When we display the "SPECIAL OFFERS" section of Necropolis's Shop, leave each link for items active until the **player** a) buys the item, b) refreshes the page, or c) leaves the page.
Thread: Armoury's fleeting information

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Armoury's fleeting information 05-13-2016 04:03 Forum: Looks of the game

When we first load a CUSTOM ITEM SET, Blood Wars displays a notification such as

Set equipped "AGILITY OUTFIT"

However, as soon as we make any change to the custom item set, the notification disappears, and the screen shows nothing to identify the custom item set. The numbered box (1-10) at the top of the screen is no longer highlighted. "Save as set number" at the bottom of the screen simply says "choose".


At a minimum, the system should initialize "Save as set number" with the name of the custom item set that is loaded.


It seems to be a common theme throughout Blood Wars's interface--"We're going to show information momentarily. If players remember it, fine. If not, that's their problem." (See all of my previous beta critiques for other examples)

To prevent lawsuits, can the developers of Blood Wars at least insert a warning splash screen: "This game is not Alzheimer's friendly"?
Thread: Please give SELL information *consistently*

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Please give SELL information *consistently* 05-08-2016 05:57 Forum: Looks of the game

In the Armoury, when we click on the "SELL" link for an item, the system displays this confirmation dialog:

However, for the exact same item, if we click its selection box, then click "SELL SELECTED", the system displays a much more informative confirmation dialog:

In both cases,we must click "OK" to proceed with the sale, so either...

a) the system should give us the much more informative confirmation dialog in *both* cases


b) when we click the "SELL" link for an item, do a quick sell (i.e. don't display any confirmation dialog)
Thread: Auctions headache

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Auctions headache 05-03-2016 00:54 Forum: Game system

I've been playing Blood Wars for a month now, and I like the game very much. PvP--fine. Depth--fine. Progression--fine. However, what's slowly starting to turn me off to Blood Wars is the Auctions. My god, they're **TEDIOUS**.

The main problem lies in their very limited search capabilities. I am NOT asking to eliminate the current filters for prefix, suffix, jakost :-), etc. However, these filters require me to memorize details that, quite frankly, I have no desire to memorize. I do NOT want to memorize that, for example, "of the Smuggler" adds Reputation. I do NOT want to memorize that I can equip [trousers] "of Secrecy" at level 12 and "of the Scout" at level 16.

Please add any or all of the following filters to the Auctions:

1. A checkbox similar to "Only with bid" that says something like "I can equip". When the box is checked, the Auctions will only list items that I can currently equip.

2. Filters for each component of the item Requirements. Here's just one example... A field where I can specify Level requirement. If I enter "27" in the field, the Auctions will only list items that can be equipped at Level 27. OR Two fields where I can specify a range of Level requirements. If I enter "27" in the first field and "29" in the second field, the Auctions will only list items that can be equipped at Levels 27 through 29. If I enter nothing in the first field and "29" in the second field, the Auctions will list all items that can be equipped at Levels 1 through 29. Etc. Etc. Etc.

3. Filters for each component of the item Effects. Here's just one example... A checkbox for "Appearance". If I select this checkbox, the Auctions will only list items that add Appearance. Etc. Etc. Etc.

4. Radio buttons for "And" and "Or". If I select "And" and I enter nothing in the first Level field, "33" in the second Level field, and I check the "Toughness" box, the Auctions will only list items that can be equipped at Levels 1 through 33 *AND* add Toughness.

PLEASE...before this headache caused by the Auctions gets the best of me.
Thread: I need a whole new outfit

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I need a whole new outfit 04-26-2016 02:40 Forum: Buyers - Underworld

I am interested to buy any of the following items:

cap of adrenaline
G+1 shorts of rogue
light cape
G+1 murder mace
titan ring(s)
ring(s) of str

In general, I prefer to pay in bloodstones.

Please contact me in this thread or via PM.

I am currently level 25.
Thread: Attack page

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04-26-2016 02:30 Forum: Looks of the game

Originally posted by FlashAOD
Can you not remember the 5 seconds previous when you clicked attack on the person's profile?

Can you not perform at 100% rather than 96%?

It's one line of code and 2 minutes of coding / testing.
Thread: Attack page

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Attack page 04-25-2016 07:46 Forum: Looks of the game

On any Vampire's profile page, we can click on "Attack", which takes us to the "Attack" page where we specify Taxi value and Arcana values.

I wish this "Attack" page would indicate the name of the Vampire whom we're attacking. At present, it doesn't; it's just a generic page.
Thread: "Begin a Quest" aggravation

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04-24-2016 09:17 Forum: Game system

Originally posted by Konrad
I'll look into storing last quest info on our server instead of cookies, but I can't tell when it's possible to make a patch for it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I found another flaw with the current implementation this morning. My wife and I share a computer at home. She was logged in to her account. I quickly went to Blood Wars, and as usual, ran a quest with the assumption that I was still on "Far". Nope--I got a "Vicinity of the City" quest.

Essentially, when any browser game stores user data in a cookie on the user's computer, it no longer qualifies as a browser game. A player is locked in to playing on one operating system account on one computer. Can't even go to work and play the game (who would do such a thing?#@! :-) because user data is still sitting at home in a cookie.
Thread: Necropolis Please explain Pilgrimage

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Please explain Pilgrimage 04-19-2016 18:02 Forum: Words of advice

1. From the FAQ:

Pilgrimages are done in appropriate order, but are still chosen at random

"in appropriate order" and "chosen at random" seem mutually exclusive.

Does the FAQ really want to say, "The first pilgrimage is chosen at random. Thereafter, pilgrimages follow the order specified at http://wiki.bloodwars.net/index.php?title=Quests in the "Sequence of Quests" section?

2. Is there any way to get the results message from a Pilgrimage to state which parameter was run?

3. If my strongest Custom Item Set is organized for Appearance, would it be a good strategy to use it always until the Pilgrimage tries the Appearance parameter?
Thread: "Begin a Quest" aggravation

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04-15-2016 08:04 Forum: Game system

For the past two days, I have **NOT** run CCleaner, and "Begin a Quest" is still getting reset to "Vicinity of the City" with each new day.

From my perspective, the system stores some user data on the server and stores some user data in a cookie on the user's machine...as a misguided effort to save disk space on the server. Specifically, I'm guessing data that must remain secure (e.g. stats, blood count, money count, etc.) stays on the server while "unimportant" data (e.g. "Begin a Quest" selection) goes in the cookie.

Therefore, let's do the math...

17950 users on Necropolis
17980 users on Underworld
2 bits to store the "Begin a Quest" selection
71860 bits or 8982.5 bytes

Aggravating me every morning by resetting the "Begin a Quest" selection to "Vicinity of the City" saves a whopping 9k of disk space. Grrrrr.
Thread: General Auction Questions

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Auction Questions 04-12-2016 20:44 Forum: Mishmash

I've just reached Level 20 on Necropolis, so Auctions are now available to me. I looked at the "Auction" screens and read the "Auction" page in the wiki.

1. What is the currency for auctions? The wiki says some type of stone. I doubt that's true. When I look at a bid screen, it says I own "162" of the currency. Given that I presently have 162 PoP, I'm guessing that the actual currency is PoP.

2. If the currency is PoP, why would somebody bid 22,100 PoP for 100 pieces of Junk?

Thanks for your assistance.
Thread: "Begin a Quest" aggravation

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04-12-2016 08:56 Forum: Game system

Originally posted by Konrad
Last quest selection is actually stored in user's cookies in his browser. So either you're clearing cookies daily (or some of your plugin does)

Yup. I ran CCleaner yesterday and today before playing BW. In its default settings, CCleaner deletes all Chrome cookies. I've changed the options in CCleaner to keep BW's cookie.

Originally posted by Konrad
Right now we don't plan on storing this data directly on server (which doesn't mean we won't do it in future).

[Scratching my head and trying to fathom the logic] Why would you store some user data that directly affects gameplay on your server and store some user data that directly affects gameplay in a cookie on the user's machine???

I've played *a lot* of browser games over the years, and I have NEVER needed to change settings in another program (i.e. CCleaner) for smooth functionality until now.
Thread: "Begin a Quest" aggravation

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"Begin a Quest" aggravation 04-12-2016 05:59 Forum: Game system

I have finished all "Vicinity of the City" quests. Now, I am working on "A far journey" quests.

For the last two days, as one of my first game tasks, I joyfully click on the "DEPART" button, only to realize too late that...

With each new day, the system resets my "Begin a Quest" selection to "Vicinity of the City".

It's aggravating and completely unjustifiable. If the system can remember throughout the day (and several log ins and outs) that I'm working on "A far journey" quests, why on earth does it need to reset my selection at the start of every day?

Please change this system behavior.
Thread: Underworld Temporary Bonuses?

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Temporary Bonuses? 04-10-2016 16:00 Forum: Words of advice

I just ambushed somebody who used two temporary bonuses: Antiquarian Level 1 and Ninja Level 1. I haven't seen these bonuses in the game. I searched the wiki and the Board for "Antiquarian" and "Ninja" but got no hits.

Where can I find these bonuses in Underworld?

Thanks for your assistance.
Thread: General Tutorial/Manual

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Tutorial/Manual 04-07-2016 04:25 Forum: Mishmash

I wonder why we are allowed to create an account for the Tutorial/Manual wiki, but once we log in, we're not permitted to do anything. Why not simply disallow us from creating an account? At a minimum, we should be able to write comments on the "Discussion" pages of the wiki; however, they usually do not exist, and we are not permitted to create them.

On this Board, I wonder why the "Tutorial/Manual" forum is the only forum where we are not allowed to create threads. If we have a comment about the Tutorial/Manual, wouldn't that forum be the logical place?
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