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Thread: Runes are coming!

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08-09-2015 11:29 Forum: Announcements

Originally posted by MYRKUL

I have a sneaking suspicion that once people start to unlock those later Rune expos, a couple of Absorbers with the ability to 50% horror every round may become a permanent fixture in most peoples expos, as the expos may well go for many rounds, and their crits will 1 shot kill anyone. Let alone what their specials might be.

its supposed to get 50% every round? that is not how I read it...
Thread: Runes are coming!

Replies: 53
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08-08-2015 13:06 Forum: Announcements

my opinion on the whole thing is to go ahead and make them powerful... just the other things need to be just as powerful in another way... and make ways to counter them at least somewhat. like ignore defense countering defense... or regeneration every time you get hit = to you toughness countering that... stopping regeneration, etc.)

and as I said before... we need more things and you have tons of things you could do! Smile

a talisman that reduces the cost of arcana by some fraction would be cool... possibly one for each race...

and some talismans that boosts other things that everyone has would be cool too! (like tattoo's)

I personally would prefer all the arcana talismans to do something unique to the game... like make ultimate power change power absorption from an... at the beginning of the fight ability into a steal some bp worth of effects, or some portion of the expo mobs current effects w/ every hit, ability

its your choice... just please do more!!
Thread: Runes are coming!

Replies: 53
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08-04-2015 15:46 Forum: Announcements

I am just trying to look at the balance side of things from the perspective of what people can do... using a spreadsheet... I already looked at the 'price' of talismans and runes... and what I am seeing right now, is that I will not be using ignore defense rune (power)... I'll be using crit hit (energy) and ziz if I'm not using mask of fear... and possibly both depending on expo/mob or ambush.

my best bet on my weapons is still just demonic... and titanium and everything else max damage... as the best way to deal with leviathan... which makes it so other options for damage (like fast/agile) are less good... enchantments still trap us in one set of gear so we gotta plan everything based on one set of gear.

and last but not least... I'll probably switch back to assassin, cause 20% ignore defense and the other stuff... and cause I see no point in monk tattoo with all the newer sources of damage (and for other people defense) completely dwarfing it.

so I'll be at 20% from tattoo, 20% from headband, 10% from chronos (when I do beat him - which I think is an option now) for 50% total... leviathan is still taking away 12.5 of my base damage (and every ranged weapon without ignore defense - it hurts everyone but guns) every time I crit... which is 14 times, or 20 times a round w/ a fast setup... either way... I have 2 rounds to kill them or I have lost far too much damage or they are probably healing when I crit them.

I still stand by my more options statement at the end of my last post... If I sound critical... understand that its just me trying to point out balance issues for them to look at... I like the system... and I would add more to it as well... like an option to add a socket to gear using essence (for only that color of rune) for more total runes... and I would make new weapon/armor/jewl types or make said rune sockets when used make things we already have more powerful in a balance things kinda way (like a big boost to clubs and small boost too thunderfists)... I would also change it so that the enchantments can get transferred to the runes that get socketed in things or anything else that makes it so we are no longer stuck in one set of gear.

more options means its very hard to plan for everything... and there is probably a way to counter everything... like something that does damage to a mob/player's stats (defense, agility, strength, whatever) there are tons of ways to go about it =)
Thread: Runes are coming!

Replies: 53
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08-04-2015 09:43 Forum: Announcements

I personally agree with hyperion... there are a ton of things not balanced at all... and I'm not just talking this system... but since thats the topic... mask of fear is the massive one that stands out in my mind... cunning of blood set does balance it... cause everyone can use?

but thats what +100 to 400 base damage at high level... once someone gets level 4? so... 1600 extra damage a hit for some... like 600 for others? seems pretty massive compared to everything else from arcana to me... even compared too all other talismans...

I'll also add that I think its great that there is an option for everyone other than melee to get damage from arcana... but being 1h melee here... between mask of fear and leviathan talismans being pretty massive changes that weaken 1h melee compared to every other weapon type... (and nothing to really combat that) it seems I'm getting the shaft yet again...

I understand its still in beta... I'm just asking that as you guys work on final balance of runes... that you consider adding more gear/talismans/tattoo's etc. so that there are options... like it being much harder for most weapons to hit the person who didn't choose massive damage...

don't take things away... or nerf them please! add more!! =)
Thread: Item duplication

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Item duplication 08-25-2014 21:57 Forum: Game system

I have been thinking about making this suggestion for a long time. I decided to make this today because I AM getting pretty sick of the whole bidding on duplicated items situation: Other people bidding on them after well over 1.5 years of duplicating (and not getting them all) 2 types of rings and heavy crossbows is nothing but malicious and/or lazy.

Can you please add a check box when your putting items up for sale... that CAN be duplicated... that allows you to auto-win the item and duplicates at the cost of 1 bs... and maybe even some extra bs...

this way anyone can duplicate themselves... and prevents said malicious people people from pushing prices and will even allow them to do it as well... if they are willing to put in the effort... that said I bet that most of them are just trolls and stop wanting them immediately (not that there is any way to pay/collect that).

I am pretty sure that my friends and I doing this have caused there to be hundreds of pages of copper rings of strength and silver rings of authority to show up in the history... and we still are not done because of said malicious people... and letting them have some... so I also suggest that we clear auction history of items duplicated in this way to avoid congestion

and last but not least I suggest that we show who has won an item in auction history... but that won't happen so I'm listing no reasoning for it other than the game is named blood wars =)
Thread: Bonus for training all evolutions

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RE: Bonus for training all evolutions 08-12-2014 23:22 Forum: Game system

I think you should be able to put points into them... and at certain intervals you get a 1% bonus to the evolutions effects =)

then you will never run out of reason to get evo points!

30% dodge and like 11 agility and perception on mutated dna - here I come!

legendary 1h melee sux anyway... might as well make it pointless!
Thread: Berserker Tattoo Idea

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08-12-2014 23:14 Forum: Game system

well... I'm not sure why 25% dodge is berserker-ish... but I do agree they need something... other than the ability to use 2h melee weapons (which totally makes up for being a 1h melee tattoo btw!)
Thread: Enchantment FLD Points

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08-01-2014 20:55 Forum: Mishmash - Underworld

FYI... its divided by favor points you receive when the enchantment is destroyed

but each listing is favor of the lord of darkness points total (base + extra - so we can figure out when we can expect to start seeing, or not seeing certain enchantments)... then zone... then the enchantment

like this:

1234 Slums - 56 strength, 78 agility, 9 attacks with all weapons

and please make sure you include all of that when you send me an enchantment in game... or post one here.

It IS a work in progress, but hopefully we can figure out quite a bit about how this works when the list gets filled out more

things we know so far:

the levels that the base favor points goes up:

level 90

slums from 45 to 90
horace from 95 to 140
small gate from 145 to 190
forge from 165 to 195
market from 200 to 215

level 91 - 109

slums from 90 to 105
small gate from 190 to 235
forge from 195 to 270
market from 215 to 335
hospital from 250 to 280
fuel depot from 300 to 315

level 110

Market from 335 to 350
Hospital from 280 to 295
Fuel Depot from 315 to 330
Citadel from 350 to 365

level 115

Hospital from 295 to 325
Thread: Set bonuses - Underworld

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RE: Set bonuses - Underworld 11-01-2012 01:24 Forum: Mishmash - Underworld

Shamanistic set:
(g+1) BLOOD PTS +25 %, TOUGHNESS +14
Thread: Character/Item Defence

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02-08-2012 01:07 Forum: Bugs and problems

I can say that the +30 char defense from monk tattoo does not get canceled out, but the defense from titanium set does...
Thread: Sewers

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Sewers 01-24-2012 11:12 Forum: Game system

I (same name in game) have been trying to siege my square (3/9/2) back from a banned players for a few days now. I have tried to meet all the requirements for it:

Effects: you can use it once every 14 days, works only on squares in zones 1-3, ignores square protection period (after a finished siege and after a cancelled siege), allows you to besiege people on vacation mode, allows you to besiege banned players (if the ban lasts for more than a week), maximum number of attackers in a siege: 15, maximum number of defenders in a siege: 20

It has been 8 days since the ban, sewers level 1 is built, I have even asked other people around his level (he is too weak for me) to see if they can siege it. No one seems to be able too...

So, either I am missing some requirement I am unaware of, the sewers does not allow you to siege banned players at the moment, or there is a bug of some sort preventing it.

ok, it does work... starting the siege through the city overview, as I normaly do, does not work.

starting the siege through ambush does work.
Thread: 1H legendary weapons ~

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01-08-2011 22:45 Forum: Game system

I have to agree with Paranoia about the problem.

I must say that I find the effect that 1h legendary melee gives to be a bit underwhelming... Especially for what 1h melee needs help with!

Though I am looking at what the gear and tattoo's give as well... I feel the number of times that any weapon becomes good just because Legendary is on the front end is much more common for any other weapon type than 1h melee.

So here is my fix for the problem (not that it will happen) that does not involve increasing the drop rate: Make the bonus 10% crit, 1 extra attack, and possibly (because of expo mobs defense) 5-10% ignore defense (all with that weapon only), then even Kama's could be usable... swords, axes, daggers, etc. that are all easier to make than thunderfists would all become lots more useful. and best of all, thunderfists would no longer be a must, since they literally have around (depends on the level) double the damage potential of any other 1h mele weapon.

anyway, as it stands now, I flat out do not want a legendary weapons because I want to be able to upgrade them past good +5 at some point. Something must be done!
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