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Thread: R1 - server crash

Replies: 67
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09-23-2015 16:54 Forum: Announcements

whole that is true technically speaking, good customer service is usually a good idea for customer retention

i mean its not like it will cost them anything
Thread: R1 - server crash

Replies: 67
Views: 14,731
09-23-2015 16:38 Forum: Announcements

could at least offer people 2-3 free runes of their choice...

arena points lost
pop is obviously lost,
stones lost
upgrades lost
enchants from KOTH lost
runes lost
quest drops lost
evo points/evos

some prem doesnt help for any of this, and the night of heroes is nice but really does nothing for over half of that list...

when stuff like this happenes devs should do everything in their power to appease their playerbase esspecially from a dwindling playerbase game like blood wars

my advice would be to give everyone

2 free runes of their choice/ random
200 free evo points (50 perday) which is normal
night of heroes as planned to make up for stones and pop loss
extend all arena buffs for 5 days
cant do anything for koths- maybe 1 free enchant roll
maybe 1 free upgrade
bonus 50-100 luck on quests for a day

just a suggestion to solve all the trouble you have just caused

oh anyone want to redo the customer survey ?
Thread: i was bored so i did some maths- worked out exp boost for act 3

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RE: i was bored so i did some maths- worked out exp boost for act 3 04-04-2012 12:27 Forum: Mishmash - Underworld


boss hp was: 10822

Experience gained
lvl 74 Bombelek 3599
lvl 72 frankie-boy 3693
lvl 78 talounet 2108
lvl 69 DeathEssence (*) 7080 (his tat gave 12%)

using the same method of explanation i discovered the percent increase is

24 % in the golden tower

please do try and help me acquire the rest of the zones if people are interested
Thread: i was bored so i did some maths- worked out exp boost for act 3

Replies: 4
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i was bored so i did some maths- worked out exp boost for act 3 04-04-2012 11:06 Forum: Mishmash - Underworld

Rebalanced expedition mobs' HP (for all Acts). From now on every consecutive location will provide more experience than the previous one.

was bored and wondered exactly what this meant

using this link i deciphered that: http://r1.bloodwars.net/showmsg.php?mid=...&key=04e2c65e1f
great step 2 gives a bonus of 83%
(could be 82.5% and server rounds up, ill explain later)

here is my working out:

total mob hp: 21413

levels of participants and their relative share of exp to three decimal places
(these are obtained by taking 100 and dividing by total number of levels then times by level of person in question)
lvl 88--23.592 (this will be times by 2 as its the host)
lvl 96--25.737
lvl 92--24.665
lvl 97--26.005

so using the host we can use maths backwards
21820 (was exp gained)
/ 118 (amount of exp gain with 18% tat boost)
* 100 (amount of exp gain without tat boost)
=18491.5254 ( this is my share of exp without tattoo

now divide it by 2 as im the host so i get a double bonus

=9245.7627 this is my share without tattoo as if i was a participant and not a host

now we know from the list above i should receive a share of 23.592% so we can assume this is that amount of the bosses hp or exp that is available to give out so we divide that amount by my share to give the single percent of the bosses exp

9245.7627/23.592= 391.902454

as this is a single percentile we now times by 100 to recieve the total amount of exp availible which is 39190 (rounding)

ok now we have that number we can use it to discover the bosses % boost from the location take the bosses hp
21413/100 = 214.13 to again receive a percentile

take boss exp and divide
= 183.01966

so one percent of the boss exp is 183 times bigger than boss hp ergo its 83% increase

Below is the proven bonuses to mobs exp

White Tower.................NO BONUS
Desert of Sorrows.........NO BONUS
Desert Ephermeh..........NO BONUS
Hot Springs Oasis..........NO BONUS
Great Steppes..............ACT 2 BONUS
Golden Tower...............(proven to be 24%) ACT 2 BONUS
Devil`s Finger..............ACT 2 BONUS
Desert Ephermeh II......ACT 2 BONUS
Stone Swamps.............ACT 2 BONUS
Spidery Chasm............ACT 3 BONUS
Great Steppe II...........(proven to be 83%) ACT 3 BONUS
Mountains of Wisdom...(proven to be 97%) ACT 3 BONUS
Desert of Carapace......ACT 3 BONUS
Mountains of Change....ACT 3 BONUS
Temple of Death..........ACT 3 BONUS

theres my theory plz someone prove me wrong so we can determine the exact way in which exp has been boosted in act 3

if it is indeed correct all you need to do is look at mob hp differance between the two zones relative to the mobs inside and if the hp is less than 7.5%/8% differance then dont do that mob zone Smile simples, oh and factor in risk

thats enough math for today-agresiel out
Thread: enchanted items question..

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12-20-2011 23:46 Forum: Game system

Originally posted by brundlefly

i know i can but i havent an enchanted item yet ...i have the possibility to do so ...and wanted to check b4 enchanting something....

ahh sorry didnt think

but yeah it does suck a little bit but i guess its there as a FINAL way to upgrade for when people have items at max level like cesarz perfect+5 suriken

etc etc, at least you can repeat the location for an upgrade replacement
Thread: enchanted items question..

Replies: 12
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12-20-2011 23:36 Forum: Game system

question a- no
question b- yes

you can find these out yourself in the well of souls
Thread: enchanted items question..

Replies: 12
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RE: enchanted items question.. 12-20-2011 23:10 Forum: Game system

Originally posted by brundlefly
1)an enchanted item cannot b put in the clan armoury


Originally posted by brundlefly
2)u can cancel an enchanted item and in order to enchant another from a given location you need to pass all again (so in therory u can have a maximum of 8 enchanted items)

CORRECT- however i remember reading something about only being able to have a maximum of 2 enchants per item i believe.

Originally posted by brundlefly
3)u can cancel and 're-equip' an enchantement of the same item when u choose.
any help would b greatly apprecated.

unknown this would mean its a direct contridiction to your second point as you would never need to re-do past koth

but i do have a question and its this

if you wish to change your enchantment do u have to disable you current enchant before you complete the last level of koth, or is 3) correct?
Thread: More exp for lower players

Replies: 17
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12-20-2011 20:43 Forum: Game system

what they could do is make it so that the POP you gain from task actually becomes EXP

this would benifiet lower player massively whilst still keeping the distance between higher and lower there as to not hand it to them on a plate,

this would also mean there is somethign else for lower players to do in those starter levels where you can do that much in expos except be meat

this would make sure that it only really benifits the lower players as most higher players would have completed them, and due to the way that levels are gained would mean that even mid to high players wouldnt benifit TOO much from what is clearly meant for lower players

just a thought, but even if the is a problem in what i suggested that i overlooked one thing is clear this game has always needed fresh injections into the game we lost 2 more players from the top 50 over the last few days no idea who that was tho
Thread: idea???

Replies: 19
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12-10-2011 18:50 Forum: Mishmash - Underworld

sounds interesting

id probably do it
Thread: its been an honor

Replies: 16
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12-10-2011 16:28 Forum: Offtopic

just when i got back to the game you leave Frown

anotherone to add to my ingame sig ill miss ya man right back from the old days

belfagor and you running boot camp and BC-R Smile

good luck and shiz man
Thread: Runes / Enchants

Replies: 125
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12-07-2011 18:13 Forum: Mishmash - Underworld


And I doubt that if you enchant helmet or neck or other enchantment change.. or I am wrong?

thats part of the point of this thread
this is a up aswell, added blods to main page too
Thread: Runes / Enchants

Replies: 125
Views: 28,609
12-06-2011 17:31 Forum: Mishmash - Underworld

beta is beta

which can mean it was just testing

plz post your actual upgrade on underworld and which location you obtained it from that way the list can be as acurate as possible
Thread: Runes / Enchants

Replies: 125
Views: 28,609
12-06-2011 17:25 Forum: Mishmash - Underworld

i will not link spy reorts as i wont save them will take too much room

Good Elvish Cape of the Assassin (+5)
TOUGHNESS +5, character defence +75, AGILITY -2.

Perfect Titanium Tie of Talent
BP +50,

Perfect Tiger`s Bandanna of Adrenaline* (+1)

Legendary Perfect Heavy crossbow of Reaction* (+2)
ignores 8 % of your opponent`s defence

Legendary Perfect Deadly Cape of the Assassin* (+1)

Legendary Perfect Demonic Halberd *

Legendary Good Scorpio * (+5)

Perfect Kilt of the Sun* (+1)

Good Elvish Cape of Speed* (+5)
TOUGHNESS +20, chance for critical hit -4 %

Legendary Perfect Demonic Halberd *
character defence +100, AGILITY -2

Good Titanium Ring of Easiness* (+5)
dodge +3 %

Legendary Good Sniper rifle * (+5)
BP +50, dodge -1%

Legendary Perfect Demonic Mace *
ignores 4 % of your opponent`s defence

Legendary Perfect Murderous Thunderfist of Valour* CLOSE
Thread: Runes / Enchants

Replies: 125
Views: 28,609
Runes / Enchants 12-06-2011 17:24 Forum: Mishmash - Underworld

i recently passed slums 3 and was excited to be decideing what item i should be enchanting, however after a brief search on the forums and wiki i found no info of real value as to what bonuses are availible and/or if they are equipment type specific.
so i thought id make this:

Knowledge +8 (Squeshu, SLUMS)

enchantment: TOUGHNESS +5, character defence +75, AGILITY -2. (Agresiel SLUMS)
Apperance +10 (grindgore SLUMS)
TOUGHNESS +20, chance for critical hit -4 % (Karazek SLUMS)


dodge +3 % (Rohlikus horaces stronghold)

TOUGHNESS +5 (Bootsybaby SLUMS)

ignores 8 % of your opponent`s defence (0esebius SLUMS)
REPUTATION +5 (Blodsugare Slums)
character defence +100, AGILITY -2 (Blodsugare Unknown)
BP +50, dodge -1% (Sparx SLUMS)
ignores 4 % of your opponent`s defence (Rekinek Slums)

If you wish to contribute to this please do the following:

1) show enchant ( spy report is best )
2) say on which type of item it was gained (ring, neck weapon etc etc)
3) which area it was obtained
4) it must ONLY be for underworld (R1)


if there are duplicates of same enchant in different item slots then it would indicate that the enchant is NOT equip specific and this page will be redundent same as if it appears the enchant is completely random in nature
Thread: WHO LIVES HERE Blackpool

Replies: 7
Views: 2,978
11-29-2011 09:54 Forum: Players

Originally posted by Unholy Emperor
you're the closest player to me that I've known on this game Smile

LIES what about me !!!!!
Thread: New visual updates

Replies: 30
Views: 10,959
11-24-2011 16:09 Forum: Looks of the game

Originally posted by darkacid

for Agresiel:
necro is not necrophilia it's just your sick imagination and desires
The screaming room

hahahaha i was reffering to your little samuel jackson swearing, but i think u just made it clear where you mind is LOL
Thread: New visual updates

Replies: 30
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11-24-2011 11:52 Forum: Looks of the game

lol i love the swearing/idiot police

im sorry before you start having ago at 2d art in a FANTASY GAME and saying its unsuitable


it seems that your swearing and even tho its covered slight (much like the extremites of the char models) you dont seem to have placed a warning in your signature
Thread: VR Sim Training Center

Replies: 13
Views: 2,207
04-08-2011 21:54 Forum: Game system

along time ago i created a bw fight simulator in a ms works file, all you need is a spy from your enemy and some time to fill in all the many many boxes

if i had a way to host it i would here is a link to the forum page where you can download the basic version

Work out your Average Damage Per Round (ADPR)
Thread: New message format

Replies: 8
Views: 1,233
01-22-2010 19:33 Forum: Mishmash

i agree fantastic thing i thought my browser had bugged at first XD
Thread: Idea to help with lack of Expo mobs

Replies: 101
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01-13-2010 10:33 Forum: Game system

Originally posted by Lysandra
the entire expo system as it is now, doesn't really support a large server size. I mean, could you imagine the costs with even double the amount of active players on the board? Prices would be insane by the 7th instead of the 12th.


if bloodwars want to evolve as a game and draw more and more people into it then they need to sort this problem, esspecially as the browser based mmo compition is so vast now with all the games on such websites like facebook

set costs DOES seem to be the answer or even a combo, incrementing costs untill it reaches the set cost
Thread: Idea to help with lack of Expo mobs

Replies: 101
Views: 15,136
01-12-2010 10:52 Forum: Game system

and then when everyone is farming them to death 6 months down the line wat do we do then....? add a 4th reset...? then a 5th

think about it we have numours people wasting expo slots coz the cos t is too high all that will happen is that those people could afford it more and then within the first month we would be back were we are now only with the devs under the illousion that they fixed it. like when they added the first reset

no no no, the answer lies in a COMPLETE overhaul, a long term solution NOT a short term one
Thread: Legendary Good Poisoned Mace of the Bloodsucker (+3)

Replies: 70
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01-11-2010 16:22 Forum: Evaluation - R1 Underworld

light cape of speed is a VERY good item i personally would value it around 4-5ss

its usefulness to an assassin is fantastic however the only real downside is its requiremnets and anything of speed is only worth it if you can wear on g+5

personally id KEEP the item as its use for worm expos and other lower expos will be unmeasurable if it was for sale id buy Smile
Thread: A final farewell

Replies: 28
Views: 5,055
01-10-2010 15:37 Forum: Offtopic

we didnt always see eye to eye, but people who have thier unique point of veiw and are not afriad to voice it are a rarity and have my respect, esspecially people who like me try to articulate their point in a way that isnt always name calling

hope what ever decision you make is the right one for your life and circumstances good luck mate, and maybe ill see/debate with you again someday Smile
Thread: Been Dropped a Big Incentive

Replies: 30
Views: 2,629
01-06-2010 19:24 Forum: Offtopic

raz mate i could make you lose that weight in a month unless you are a giant sized man eg 6ft 10"

id punish you and in the process id get a bit more fit too Smile
Thread: Our Photographs

Replies: 706
Views: 142,527
01-06-2010 19:19 Forum: Offtopic

WOW i want a meet up with you guys it would be freeking epic

nice to put a name to the face clemenza WHY DONT YOU MESSAGE ANYMORE

and diablo looks like he is conceveing a nasty evil sexual devient plan in that photo

Thread: Been Dropped a Big Incentive

Replies: 30
Views: 2,629
01-06-2010 14:11 Forum: Offtopic

oooohhhhh nice

how heavy are you now? if you dont mind me asking
Thread: Good Necklace of Easiness(35k), Perfect Twisted Ring(12k)

Replies: 16
Views: 891
01-06-2010 09:55 Forum: Jewellery

the way i veiw the thread is this that these rules where breached:

7.The seller cannot:
d) change minimum price and Buy Now price during the auction.

8. Uneditable "Second post" and making changes to the auction when it is in progress.

a) When the auction thread is created you have to copy the first post, make a second post and paste it there. If there are any conflicts concerning the auction then this "second post" will serve as the basis for the moderator's judgement.

b) The first post may be edited as many times as you wish (of course if the editing does not break any regulations). However, whenever you make a change you need notify others about it with a new post in the auction thread (this will be treated as "upping" the thread so can be done only once every 3 hours).

c) If there is no "second post" or post with the information on the changes made to the auction then the seller will NOT be given a warning. HOWEVER if there are any doubts about the auction and the "second post" is not there then the absence will give evidence AGAINST THE SELLER!

01-04-2010 23:07 was the winning bid as the next bidder smurf was more than 4 hours over the iniatal bid

lady ways to stop this happening again are:
be more clear and consice in your future auctions
do what almost NO-ONE DOES create a second post
most importantly read the rules back to front, they look daunting but most are common sence

warning for lady for breaching points 7d 8b
markus1979 is winner with bid of 25k
Thread: Legendary Murderous Dagger of Courage (+5)

Replies: 8
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01-05-2010 15:53 Forum: Evaluation - R1 Underworld

at this moment in time the best tf generally considered buy the top players is

muderous thunderfist of hitting but it can only be weileded at level 87 for non absorbers and about 84/85 for absorbers

light thunderfist of courage is the best for low-mid level players reason is its the same as hitting in terms of knowledge and intel but has boost to charisma making it a usefull def weapon and its agi is only 1 less than hitting at g+5 and is the same at perfect

so a ledgendary muderous dagger of courage

is a very very nice item it cant directly merge to the thunderfist as its dagger but i would suggest i very nice merge part or as a stand alone weapon

i would say its a much better weapon than antique of hitting that alot of zerkers use for agi boosting, as it boosts damage and agi and crit which zerkers lack but not as good as a thunderfist for damaging purposes as lack of attacks

so imo should be worth 5ss+
Thread: solar set uni or female

Replies: 3
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RE: solar set uni or female 01-04-2010 22:54 Forum: Buyers - R2 Necropolis

6. In your thread you should write the following info:

I. Description/stats of the item you are looking for.
II. Choose the way in which you are willing to pay for the item (junk/PoP/items).
III. Info on where can offers be made (PM/forum)
IV. Additional info

plz read the trade rules more carefully

and i do hope you dont mean real world money....? 24hours to change to meet rules or warning will be issued
Thread: closed

Replies: 22
Views: 2,249
RE: Perfect Flail of Ruse, Perfect Crossbow, Perfect Mace of Vengeance, Perfect Pilum.... MP 01-04-2010 20:34 Forum: Weapons

3. The author is obliged to include all the following information in the topic:

b) The title must contain full name of the items for sale (in case of Junk section prefixes and/or suffixes will suffice). In case of many items include only the most important and add "and other".

plz edit title and also read the regulations thx
treat this as an UP
Thread: Lucky upgrading without Ritual ;)

Replies: 523
Views: 91,226
01-04-2010 00:48 Forum: Trophy Hall - Underworld

i went from g+5 tie to good tie then did a upgrade dance spending LOTS of stones but eventually ended up with this

Perfect Tie of Levitation CLOSE

Amulet (Only for males)
Requirements: LEVEL: 78 (93), STRENGTH: 27 (32), APPEARANCE: 70 (84), CHARISMA: 39 (46)
Selling price: 131 900 Lgo
Value: Nanites 959, Mana 3374

im quite happy tbh cost alot but i consider my self lucky :p
Thread: Spy Actions

Replies: 8
Views: 1,455
01-03-2010 09:06 Forum: Game system

this has also been mentioned many times b4 i myself thought i had come up with the idea untill my hand was directed to someone b4 me who had also thought of it

i still agree it should be implemented, plz could we have some desicion on this so we wont have someone else thinking about it in the future?
Thread: what updates would you like to see when the new patch comes in?

Replies: 50
Views: 3,781
01-03-2010 09:04 Forum: Mishmash

@gazz- rangers DO get ignore def where as guns ingnore all def and only count tough ranged has a built in 50% def reduction basicly then you can use things like xbow to further that

@artior- it wans tme snipeing up the ranks mate i only used sniper on white dragon and black i have melee'd everything else i did however shoot up the ranks because i understood what your saying arty from a very early stage and i farmed the easy sniper targets 16 per day at max exp THATS why i shot up the ranks

@demon- that has been mentioned SOOOOO manytimes i started a thread on it then someone with a slightly different idea posted a new thread its been mentioned but i dont think it has been apraised by the powers that be

my own point

as artior said the game evolves, its a given and you must either
evolve with it in your current tattoo
change tattoo to one that you feel will be more powerfull
or spend an eternity complaining on the boards untill you stop playing

believe me the one handed gun situation will change, you just wait..its already started now your seeing ALOT more two handed players with good weapons arent you..... alot more than the one handed gunners huh, then it will be ledgendary one handers and then we will get everyone complaining about them

simple answer is if you dont like it, figure out a way to beat it
Thread: what updates would you like to see when the new patch comes in?

Replies: 50
Views: 3,781
01-02-2010 23:03 Forum: Mishmash

i feel i must back scyanide here and its not because he is my clan leader b ut because he is correct

yes most onf the polish plzyers use snipers vs anubis however the closesest ANYONE has come to beating anuibis id our server and thats with a one handd gunner majority

wither you like to admit it or not diablo one handed guns are overpowered AT THE MOMENT

it only seems this way because the other weapons havent had chance to evolve gove it time and you will be complaining about all the other wonerfull weapons out there

so in conclusion i think the weapons ARE balanced in the LONG RUN which is what this game is about.

give it time and all will become evident is all i say.
Thread: Perfect Thunderfist,Perfect Short bow,others,BN

Replies: 7
Views: 724
01-02-2010 08:09 Forum: Weapons

glock goes to Fuzzina Finzirak

as jabronee breached this rule:
1. The buyer is obliged to:
b) state the amount offered and (if there are more than 1 item) the name of the item he bids/buys

therfore his offer was void makeing fuzzina finzirak the winner
Thread: New idea

Replies: 7
Views: 1,227
New idea 01-01-2010 13:09 Forum: Game system

ok who here is sick to death of equiping and item to be able to equip another item to be able to get your jewelry on then have to take it all off to put your weapons back on

my idea is this: in the armoury add a switch function

it should be a button located inbetween the equiped items and the armoury and its function is to switch one item directly with another and as long as the stats mount up then all your equipment wont fall off

ok i know almost everyone would find use for this, but im waiting for evan to come along and tell me why its not viable

Thread: closed

Replies: 67
Views: 5,928
RE: Good Knife of the Cult and more 12-31-2009 15:14 Forum: Weapons

good uzi,good magnum and more

closed old thread

plz keep only one thread open at a time
Thread: Legendary Good Poisoned Mace of the Bloodsucker (+3)

Replies: 70
Views: 8,165
12-31-2009 10:47 Forum: Evaluation - R1 Underworld

i think if we knew its requirements for g+5 its worth would become more evident

i wouldnt pay more than a few ss atm but maybe a bezerker would treat this item with more favour
Thread: Expedition monsters

Replies: 115
Views: 217,052
12-31-2009 10:34 Forum: Mishmash - Underworld

Originally posted by popeye2k8
ok thanks. maybe to prevent people asking about the rules of the thread, cesarz should add them to the bottom of the first post? i know its been discussed before but the thread has been cleared since

seriously it should happen

there just seems to be reels of irrelavent spam here, its NOT a place to come and moan about the power of a mob or even comment on the size of the mob in the previous post


and how can cesarz update this page with the usefull info needed if its filled with useless spam

please can a mod clear and close this page untill set rules are placed on what should be posted,

warnings for muderous and fool for posting completely irrelavent info and a completely normal red dragon
Thread: Work out your Average Damage Per Round (ADPR)

Replies: 3
Views: 1,300
Work out your Average Damage Per Round (ADPR) 12-30-2009 12:13 Forum: Mishmash

a recent post made by tigerclaw reminded me of this project i shelved a while ago.

i created a fight simulator that could predict :-

your chance to for successful ambush
if you could win an ambush
what round you would win in
your aprox reamaining hp
ALL from just a max level spy report

i shelved the idea because of microsoft excell's limitaions and the amount of time it was taking for me to do, i did however manage to complete it so it was accurate for about 80% of fights

below is a smaller version designed for expos, i copy pasted from the main version so its a little messy but ill explain how you can use it if you so wish

this program could help you figure out how much damage you will do to expo mobs and maybe help you decide on cetian equipment choices before you buy them

the higher your ADPR the less rounds and potentially the less people needed to win expo which also means more EXP and more growth
how to fill it in:

ledgendary damage mod is for guns and shurikens only but ALWAYS leave it at 1
crit rate is the crit rate % for that weapon
crit mod of the weapon is the factor the crit is multiplyed by eg
one handed melee=2
twohanded melee=4
onehanded gun=1.5

the field "final chance to hit" must be altered to match the corrisponding box for that weapon eg b21 says 70% then change b23 to 0.70 if you are above 0.85 then leave it at 0.85

ignore defence is for assassins and badges if its 10% put 0.1 50% then 0.5 so on and so on

also for the monsters def plz remember to just use its toughness if you are useing guns or take the aproprate def if its ranged,
THIS DOES WORK WHEN FILLED IN CORRECTLY, if you struggle plz DO NOT pm me or message ingame just post below

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