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Thread: News from BW TEAM – The App is released! New realms!

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News from BW TEAM – The App is released! New realms! 04-30-2020 17:15 Forum: Announcements

We are happy to announce some novelties! Here’s what you can expect in the coming days:

Patch 2.4.2!

On 21.04.2020 patch 2.4.2, which is required for the app to work, was released. We’ve added a built-in tutorial that allows you to learn more about the basics of BW. We’ve also changed how the "Report to the operator" option works – now you can also report bugs and suggestions. Apart from that, we’ve also added a lot of minor improvements and fixed some bugs reported by players.

New seasonal realms!

On tuesday 05.05.2020, we will launch new seasonal realms! The first three realms (PL, EN, FR) will use the Necropolis 2 engine. After 3 more months, we will also launch an Underworld realm. Seasons will last 6 months and then the realm will be reset. Players will receive a starting bonus depending on their placement in the ranking. The gameplay on seasonal realm will also be much faster, so the fight for the number 1 spot will be even more intense!

More on seasonal realms can be found here.

Mobile app!

A couple of days after the new realms are launched, we will release the Android app. You will be able to download it straight from the Google Play Store. It will allow you to play BW without using a browser (in fullscreen). You will also be able to log in using a friendly login screen that makes it easier to switch between accounts.
You can sign up for the release right now by clicking on the link below

or searching for our app in the Google Play Store.
You will be able to download the app once it is approved by Google.
Thread: New seasonal realms!

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New seasonal realms! 04-30-2020 17:15 Forum: Announcements

Dear Players,

We’d like to introduce a revolutionary feature!

We are proud to announce the opening of new realms (start on 05.05.2020)… but this time with a twist Wink

The new realms will be seasonal. The pace of gameplay will be much faster and they will be reset every 6 months. When a season ends, players will receive starting bonuses depending on their placement in the ranking. They will be a reward for placing high but they will not be too good (so they don’t make the next seasonal unbalanced). A new Dynasty tab will be added where you will be able to see your characters from previous seasons.

Necropolis realms will be open first and then, after three months, Underworld realms so that new seasons start every 3 months.

If you like the idea of seasonal servers, we may open more realms like this in the future. The first ones will be 3 times faster but we would be happy to explore other paces of gameplay. The changes are:
  • You get new attacks and quests 4 times quicker.
  • The limit on attacks and quests is doubled.
  • You can attack a single player every 12 hours.
  • Protection from attacks lasts 4 times shorter.
  • Expeditions: 4 times bigger rewards (experience, drop, runes).
  • King of the Hull – 4 times more honour and resources, greater chance of second and third enchantments effects (bigger bonus for coins, bigger bonuses for difficulty, lower level requirements for more difficulty KotH).
  • 10 000 of free FLD at the beginning; free FLD gain increased to 50% without locking and 100% when locked.
  • Daily tasks – 4 times greater rewards (except for stat bonuses during journeys).
  • Journeys – 4 times greater rewards (both resources and items).
  • Buildings are constructed 4 times faster.

We hope you like the gameplay on the new servers Smile We are open to your suggestions.

Thread: Easter Bonuses

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Easter Bonuses 04-06-2020 13:26 Forum: Announcements

Dear Players,

We would like to wish you all happy and peaceful Easter, a lot of spring optimism and good luck!

In the coming days, you can expect the following bonuses:
Thread: Mysterious disease

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Mysterious disease 04-01-2020 07:03 Forum: Announcements

The Mages of the Council inform that vampires show symptoms of an unknown disease. In order to prevent a potential epidemic, they recommend staying in your headquarters and regularly checking your temporary bonuses.
Thread: New layout and mobile app!

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New layout and mobile app! 12-16-2019 16:29 Forum: Announcements

Dear Players,

We are happy to announce that we are going to implement a completely new layout before Christmas. This is not just to refresh the appearance – the new layout will be fully responsive. It means that it will change depending on the size of the screen. This should be especially useful for players using mobile devices.

Once we are done with Google Play Store integration, we are also going to release the BloodWars app, which will be identical to the new layout.

The constant delays and slow pace of work of the company we hired made us think about our own solution. At the same time we hoped that they would pick up the pace and finish the project. Unfortunately this didn’t happen and we are considering taking legal action.

The new layout and the upcoming app are a project that we’ve been working on for more than a year. We haven’t announced anything because we weren’t sure how long this would take and we didn’t want to disappoint you in case of delays.

We think that the failure of the original project and the creation of a new app on our own is a good thing in the end. Thanks to this, we had full control over the style and features from the start which allowed us to create a consistent appearance no matter the screen size.
We hope you will enjoy the result of our work Smile

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