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Thread: Farewell

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07-27-2010 12:14 Forum: Offtopic

Once again, thanks for your kind words, I wish you all (but those mentioned below) good luck in BW.

To Cesarz, Anubis and Boosh: lol, you guys made me laugh Big Grin How is life now that you're the mighty ones and there is no diablo to ambush you twice a day? I bet it was a great ego boost for you. Enjoy the fame, you seem to need it.

Could please a mod close this thread, it has shifted from its purpose a lot. Thanks.

Now I'm really off.
Thread: Farewell

Replies: 86
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07-16-2010 17:02 Forum: Offtopic

I put out the cigarette and the smoke finally stopped. It was time to go and there was nothing else to do. I doublechecked my stones. Twenty nine soulstones should do the trick. Nine for every layer of hell, 7 for heaven the rest for Charon to make trip to both realms.
The plan was simple – all I wanted is to get out of this world, but without going to heaven or hell. One worse than the other. Charon appears every 5000 years and I don't want to miss the ship – my redemption.

I took my guns and hit Enter on the keyboard to send one final message to my friends in the Brotherhood of Steel. I'm sure they'll understand. No matter how hard I focused, a flashback hit me and I started to remember the countless fights we did together, the sieges, the endless fights to protect our base. Then the counterattack we did and the celebration after that. Sigh. Then we started to push the monsters back, slowly making our way towards killing the 3 gods of Underworld. Anubis, the god of war, was the one to be destroyed next. After Anubis the next one in line was supposed to be Wendigo, the god of diseases and finally, Chronos, the god of Death.

Unfortunately, Charon's ship comes every 5000 years and I have the feeling that my time has come to leave and seek my own redemption.

I almost cried when I thought about all the people I'll be leaving behind. The cold steel of my guns brought me back to reality and I went towards my destiny.
I stopped when I crossed our eastern border.

It is time that this 8061 year old vampire finally sees the dawn.

Charon's ship appeared out of nowhere with the first ray of light and his endless eyes gazed upon me.
''What do you want immortal?'' his voice was painful and pleasant at the same time.
''A ride. One way ticket there and back''
''Can you afford it?'' he murmured in disbelief.
I passed him a couple of golden coins and he nodded. When I added the stones he almost laughed.
''These are of no value to me, I'll be here till the end of time...'' he let the world vanish as the stones turned into dust.
I did what I was used to do – in no time I had both my guns ready to fire.
''How about this, will you ugly sonovabitch?''
He laughed.
''Uranium 235, wedding ring of a black widow and my own runes. This will make you die and be forgotten. Don't waste my time and let me board the ship till it is still in existence.''
There is no way to tell if a skull fears, but I thought that he did. Lucky for him the only thing he did was a nod.

The ship vanished into the void and I had to get ready. Of course the first one to appear was a messenger from hell. According to him, I should give my soul without a fight and serve someone in his home. Pathetic!
So I gave him the 9 stones and told him to give a stone to each of the Demons (the capital D is there for a reason) and then shot him in the head making him look like a 3-eyed freak from the front and a half head from the back. He vanished.
The emissary of heaven was nicer, he made an offer that many people can't refuse. I'm not many people. As if there wasn't enough violence, the angel sheated his flaming sword. My paranoia saved me again. The angel looked a bit grotesque when I shot him in both eyes. It looked like as if he was crying blood and brains. Cthulhu was right about the ammunition, it can kill anything if I hit the head.

''Hey uglyface, take me there'' I shouted.
Charon nodded and murmured the our new course – redemption.

I hope that afterlife will be better.
Thread: Farewell

Replies: 86
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07-16-2010 16:16 Forum: Offtopic

It is about time, so I better clarify a few things:

A massive lol at all those who thought that it is a good time to ambush me. Niceone losers Tongue

I'm taking my items with me because I was working hard to get them for 3+ years and I don't feel like selling them.

This is not the end of BoS, the clan is in Mortis' capable hands and now that Clemenza is the deputy, I know I can leave.

The board will need a new anti-spam bot Wink

Thanks to all of you for your kind words, stop it or I'll get emotional Big Grin

When I post here again, the character will be gone already, so
Farewell, enjoy the game and may your quests be better than mine.

diablo over and out.
Thread: Perfect Elvish Cape (+1)

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07-15-2010 09:43 Forum: Mishmash

Perfect Elvish Cape (+1) CLOSE

Defence: 4
Effects: REPUTATION +19, AGILITY +42, TOUGHNESS +19, damage of all weapons increased by 1 for every 4 levels, chance for critical hit +29 %, defence -10
Requirements: LEVEL: 63 (89), STRENGTH: 14 (19), AGILITY: 31 (44)

Count your easiness and use it on the number in brackets (89) Wink
Thread: Farewell

Replies: 86
Views: 22,348
07-14-2010 21:41 Forum: Offtopic

Thanks a lot.

Nosforano: I hope none!

Btw, Evan, please de-mod me.

Dammit, I'll miss you guys a lot! Frown
Thread: Farewell

Replies: 86
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Farewell 07-14-2010 21:18 Forum: Offtopic

Ladies and gentlemen,

the time has come for me to say goodbye.
To make it even more annoying, I won't state any reason why I'm leaving, but you're free to guess Smile

I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to all those people whom I talked to, especially Mortis and llianna. Of course not to forget BoS andd V13. There are many others, but I can't post that much in one post Big Grin You all know who I'm talking about and you don't need to be mentioned as you're strong personalities anyway.

Oh, I'm deleting my character, I don't want it to end up like DrGreenthumb or FlashAOD.

And since I'm a big meanie and a bully, I'm taking my items to the afterlife with me.

My burial gown:
Perfect Deadly Bandanna of Caution (+1)
Perfect Elvish Cape (+1)
Good Solar Tie of the Pilgrim (+5)
Good Solar Bracelet of the Bat (+2)
Perfect Solar Signet of Youth (+1)
Perfect Kilt of the Shepherd (+1)
Legendary Good Scorpio (+5)
Legendary Good Scorpio (+5)

And for the road, a defensive equip:
Good Battle Circlet of Punishment (+3)
Good Regal Chain mail of Toughness (+3)
Good Titanium Tie of Authority (+3)
Good Titanium Bracelet of Authority (+3)
Good Titanium Bracelet of Authority (+4)
Good Compound Shorts of the Rogue (+3)
Legendary Good Friendly Knife of the Ancestors (+4)
Legendary Good Friendly Knuckle-duster of the Ancestors (+4)

In Backpack:

Good Twisted Signet (+5)
Good Twisted Signet (+5)
Perfect Elvish Cape (+1)
Good Twisted Chain of Youth (+5)
Good Deadly Mask of Senses (+5)
Good Runic Circlet (+2)
Good Regal Cape of the Strongman (+2)
Good Runic Kilt (+2)
Good Runic Vest (+3)
Velvet Shorts of the Smuggler (+5)
Good Crystal Club (+1)
Good Shorts of the Strongman (+2)
Good Velvet Kilt of the Shepherd
Velvet Kilt of the Sun (+2)
Good Signet of Concentration (+2)
Shamanistic Shorts of the Rogue (+3)
Tiger`s Shorts of the Rogue (+5)
Malicious Circlet of Senses (+3)
Perfect Artistic Hat of the Wanderer
Perfect Quilted Shorts of the Strongman (+2)
Deadly Bandanna of Precognition (+2)
Horned Bandanna of Precognition (+3)
Panzer Kilt of the Sun (+2)
Deadly Cape of the Assassin (+5)
Good Magnetic Hat (+1)
Mystic Thunderfist of the Cult (+4)
Good Mystic Club of the Cult
Good Regal Suit
Good Mystic Club (+2)

and a few that I managed to destroy:
Item Perfect Deadly Cape of the Assassin has not been upgraded, you see as it dissolves in the air...
Item Perfect Deadly Kilt of the Shepherd has not been upgraded, you see as it dissolves in the air...
lol,should have posted in lucky upgrades Smile

Also, a big thanks to Lysandra (you know why Lys).

I'll still keep the BoS sigh on my wall to remind me of all of you that I met here.

Thank you very much for your support, advice, help, fun, company and everything you gave me.
Make what you can of the game.

Thread: Rise of the Underdog....

Replies: 105
Views: 24,719
07-14-2010 16:41 Forum: Battlefield - Underworld

I'm wondering why you people are still interested in this after 170+ futile sieges.
Thread: The best items you have created

Replies: 552
Views: 151,178
07-09-2010 15:37 Forum: Trophy Hall - Underworld

Items merged: Perfect Solar Signet of Youth and Perfect Twisted Signet of the Werewolf.
Result of transformation: Perfect Solar Signet of Youth (+1).

Perfect Solar Signet of Youth (+1) CLOSE

Ring (Only for males)
Effects: REPUTATION +10, APPEARANCE +24, PERCEPTION +22, chance to hit with melee weapons -30, STRENGTH +15, AGILITY +10
Requirements: LEVEL: 95 (135), STRENGTH: 19 (27), APPEARANCE: 102 (145)
Thread: Automatic logout

Replies: 1
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07-09-2010 13:53 Forum: Complaints - R2 Necropolis

It is because you don't search...

Frequently Reported Problems and Solutions
Thread: France Moria 2 is open!

Replies: 24
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07-09-2010 11:32 Forum: Mishmash

Since when is this thread about finds?! Evil
Closed to prevent this spamming from ultimate expansion. Thanks folks, well done.
Thread: Underworld records

Replies: 1,565
Views: 334,747
07-08-2010 19:30 Forum: Trophy Hall - Underworld

Originally posted by CESARZ
Originally posted by CESARZ

nick: Cesarz
Most damage done in one round Ranged Weapon: 6917
ID: 1276

can you update it?
Say please!
Thread: PoH patch on Necro. To keep or to remove?

Replies: 31
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07-08-2010 13:49 Forum: Mishmash

Originally posted by Tuna
Originally posted by adana
I'm definitely against removing the PoH generation through attacks.

I have enough of the endless war and square-stealing and bitching and all the drama and emo on polish servers. UK is the one place we can actually have fun in a friendly atmosphere. If that option is removed, i have no reason to stay here.
Lovely. +1 for spam. If you have nothing to add to the discussion, then it is wiser not to post.

EDIT: Your agreement is expressed via a vote. Just a quote of someone else's post is spam. The possibility to comment might, or might not be used.
The warning stays. If you have nothing to add, don't post.
Thread: Patch 1.2.9

Replies: 32
Views: 16,281
07-08-2010 13:01 Forum: News

Doesn't look bad at all! I want to see the task mobs from expos and, well, just more of them Smile
Thanks guys.
A pity we have no idea when this simple change will be implemented here.
Thread: Patch 1.2.9

Replies: 32
Views: 16,281
07-08-2010 10:08 Forum: News

Originally posted by Apollo
* Added images of task mobs. <<< Cool
How do you know? I haven't seen any!

People, stay on topic and DON'T mix French moria server here, this discussion is about patch 1.2.9 ONLY!

npc, demondury v2 enjoy your warning for spam.
Thread: PoH patch on Necro. To keep or to remove?

Replies: 31
Views: 5,414
07-08-2010 10:03 Forum: Mishmash

Renamed, corrected a few minor mistakes and poll added as promised. Good luck.
Thread: Fight club; expedition edition

Replies: 718
Views: 121,624
07-07-2010 13:30 Forum: Battlefield - Underworld

Originally posted by SwiftDeathIsComing

xD my first 2 womaned golem Smile and it was massive aswell Tongue
Please post the link from below the message, not the URL. Thanks.
The same here please: Expedition monsters
Thread: Patch Necropolis Servor

Replies: 4
Views: 1,853
07-07-2010 08:44 Forum: Game system

If nothing has changed since March, what are you trying to accomplish by an 'up' here?
Whether a patch will be reversed or not, is ONLY up to the developers. it is not a thing that asingle player can do. You had no support in this thread for 3+ months...

Thread: Reported Auction Message's

Replies: 7
Views: 2,007
07-07-2010 08:34 Forum: Game system

You're missing the fact that it is when YOU report YOUR OWN auction that you shouldn't use the gained stones for 3 days. If someone else reported your auction, then why should you ''suffer'' (not use stones for 3 days)?
Thread: Extra attack per round

Replies: 110
Views: 51,594
07-07-2010 08:24 Forum: Mishmash - Underworld

Added info about chainsaw:

Perfect Chainsaw of Lead (+1) CLOSE

Two-handed melee weapon
Damage: 118 - 161
Effects: Chance to hit -64, attacks per round: 2, TOUGHNESS +24, weapon damage +16
Requirements: LEVEL: 80 (114), STRENGTH: 73 (104), INTELLIGENCE: 56 (79), KNOWLEDGE: 64 (91), AGILITY: 19 (27)

Perfect Chainsaw of Lead (+2) CLOSE

Two-handed melee weapon
Damage: 122 - 166
Effects: Chance to hit -68, attacks per round: 3, TOUGHNESS +26, weapon damage +17
Requirements: LEVEL: 83 (11Cool , STRENGTH: 75 (107), INTELLIGENCE: 58 (82), KNOWLEDGE: 66 (94), AGILITY: 21 (29)
Thread: Underworld records

Replies: 1,565
Views: 334,747
07-06-2010 12:11 Forum: Trophy Hall - Underworld

Clemenza - updated

Cthulhu - Warning for spam. First of all, post by the rules (check first post), second, highest max damage is not what you can get in throne hall, it is the damage you've actually caused (backed up by a report). If you reffered to ''Weapon with the biggest maximum damage'' then it is just the item's damage, again, not the one in throne hall. Plus, I agree that the ''Weapon with the biggest maximum damage'' record makes no sense.
Thread: Patch 1.2.9

Replies: 32
Views: 16,281
Patch 1.2.9 07-05-2010 12:08 Forum: News

v. 1.2.9 5 July 2010

* Expedition interface in mobile mode now has the status of locations in plain text.
* Delay between messages sent to other players decreased to 30 seconds (from 60 seconds)
* New graphics of expedition map.
* Added images of task mobs.

Thanks for no 1 and 2, now how do I get the old expo map back? I don't want one that can draw a 4 year old kid. Really. Btw, the old one had colours...

Taks mobs? Where? I've checked reports and all I could see is the skull with ''?'' in it.
Thread: Artistic xxx of blood

Replies: 5
Views: 1,848
07-01-2010 18:44 Forum: Mishmash

Either get it evaluated properly or don't. You won't use Mishmash as your personal eval section where rules doesn't apply.
If I see it one more time there will be a warning.
Thread: New Underworld server ?

Replies: 5
Views: 1,627
07-01-2010 15:18 Forum: Offtopic

Have you ever tried to use the damn SEARCH function? Obviously, you didn't. Hereby I proudly present a generous gift in form of a warning to the topic creator.
Also, nice spam Cthulhu Evil

Warned, closed, forgotten.
Thread: lend

Replies: 5
Views: 2,150
06-29-2010 21:17 Forum: Complaints - R2 Necropolis

No worries. Szeszej will take it from now on.
Thread: lend

Replies: 5
Views: 2,150
06-29-2010 14:11 Forum: Complaints - R2 Necropolis

moved to complaints-necropolis
Thread: expos

Replies: 1
Views: 1,204
06-28-2010 22:42 Forum: Game system

+1 fo spam, thread closed.

How many times was this discussed? Evil
Thread: Ok il explain a few things

Replies: 3
Views: 1,382
06-28-2010 10:07 Forum: Offtopic

If it wasn't for the z3 limit you'd have been in BoS ever since you got that account Smile Unfortunately the limit is absolute and won't allow any exceptions.

The only thing I don't like is the choice of person who got your account.

Anyway, I'd like to wish you all the best in RL, hell, you won't have to be frustrated by upgrades and dragons and monsters will be myths once again Big Grin
Thread: Merge possibilities

Replies: 4
Views: 1,464
06-28-2010 09:58 Forum: Mishmash

This should be in http://forum.bloodwars.net/board.php?boardid=56
I think they're worth roughly the same.
Thread: STATS for tigers circlet/bandanaa of adrenaline

Replies: 4
Views: 2,022
06-24-2010 13:42 Forum: Mishmash

How about stating what stats you're after in the thread name? That way people will know by the first look. Plus the little fact that you are requesting them, not stating can be mentioned as well. For more hints about efficient thread names please PM me Wink
Thread: The screaming room

Replies: 2,409
Views: 378,050
06-23-2010 16:12 Forum: Offtopic

This game is taking the piss!!! ONE (yes, one) successful expo since the 10th... Replace the damn RNG by something more efficient and more important, not biased!!!!
Thread: Now days music...Annoyed ?

Replies: 41
Views: 8,721
06-23-2010 12:46 Forum: Offtopic

Originally posted by Unholy Emperor
Want some real music? Check out Behemoth's Ov Fire and the Void


It takes 30 secs for the band to kick in, but the time is well spent oogling the GORGEOUS woman! Big Grin
After those 30 seconds you get 270 seconds of some good music. Worth it.

I have to listen to radio about 2 hours per day, so I know all the lyrics of Kesha, Rihanna, David Ghuetta etc. Annoyance deluxe... Roll Eyes
Thread: Davids little toe vs Goliath (Hall of Shame!!)

Replies: 1
Views: 1,135
06-22-2010 15:19 Forum: Mishmash

-> Fight club; expedition edition

Thread closed
Thread: The screaming room

Replies: 2,409
Views: 378,050
06-21-2010 15:33 Forum: Offtopic

Of course it is fine to get a damn smurf on every expo for 11 days, I don't need the xp... >:-[
Thread: Z3 task issue

Replies: 15
Views: 3,726
06-21-2010 09:24 Forum: Mishmash

Terjohny, seem like a lot of people didn't get your question Frown
You're right, TC can't benefit from their arcana in fights like that. I've no idea why it is so, but there is nothing I can do about it. All we can do is hope that some admin has seen this and wants to change it.

Thread: Moderators

Replies: 12
Views: 2,633
06-18-2010 18:53 Forum: Offtopic

Originally posted by Bat
And I always thought that RNG God chooses the mods

Thanks for clearing that up
Btw is does it mean you neverever had no warnings what so ever?

On the board, Evan has more power than RNG Smile

Yup, that is correct.
Thread: Best of best ... beginning

Replies: 32
Views: 5,510
06-18-2010 09:16 Forum: Mishmash

There were many people who helped me (Mortis, Nndungu, llianna, Blodsugare and a lot more), but what took my breath away for a second was when Sqeshu helped me with all z3 buildings task even thou we were on the opposite sides.

Thanks to everyone who mentioned that diablo guy Big Grin

EDIT: and of course the savior and ally of BoS - Zauborin!
Thread: why does perception count for nothing

Replies: 7
Views: 3,551
06-18-2010 09:04 Forum: Bugs and problems

Desmonia_Corvale, your opponent did more damage, that is why you lost the fight.
Fights are not just about hitting, they are about doing as much damage as you can and making it as fast as possible.
To get a bit more into the game mechanicss, please have a look here http://wiki.bloodwars.net/index.php?title=BloodWars_Tutorial

In case you have any questions that were not answered before, feel free to ask.
Thread: Moderators

Replies: 12
Views: 2,633
06-18-2010 08:58 Forum: Offtopic

To become a moderator you should contact the person who enslaved the existing ones - Evangelion. Yes, no bans and no warnings is needed, but the most important is to know the game mechanics, be online a lot, know the forum rules, be unbiased, respected, known, just and so on Wink
Thread: Awesome 3 man Golem...WoW..look at the XP and damage!!

Replies: 3
Views: 2,442
06-16-2010 21:02 Forum: Trophy Hall - Necropolis

Please post here next time Necropolis: Expo Edition
Thanks + thread closed
Thread: prefix sets

Replies: 4
Views: 1,309
06-16-2010 09:37 Forum: Mishmash

Originally posted by OTNC
Not necessarily, the items in particular are usually balanced so that if there were to be a set, they would have far too good stats, and would imbalance the game.

For example, an elvish set would create a set with llots of agil, +crit and god knows what else if u were to add in a set bonus. however, as individual pieces they are quite good. Not to mention the tattoos they would work for...

i.e. they are good pieces, currently working well. to create a set would overpower them, and create imbalance.

I am definately sure the devs have considered this and probably wont implement it anytime soon.
Couldn't have said it better.
Sets are a bonus and not everything is a part of a set. We don't deal with sets on their own, we have items and some of them do form a set when worn at the same time.
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