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Players have different goals when playing Blood Wars. You can try to get the highest ranking position based on experience; the best % score in wins/losses; get the highest % for quests, etc.

My idea is to take all these and somehow convert them into a single score which gives a more refined rating of player's Blood Wars prowess than the current XP based Ranking.

The parameters that can be used are, for instance:

- level (L)
- wins as an attacker (WA) / defender (WD) - in %
- draws while defending (DD) - in %
- successful % of quests, easy: QE, medium: QM, hard: QH
- completed tasks (T)

The following is an example of a formula that can be used to calculate each player's score; highest score gives the highest position on the RRS (Refined Rating System):

score = L + .5*WA + WD + DD + .2*QE + .5QM + QH + T

I know not all figures are available at the moment, which poses a challenge to the programmers :|
You will probably have a different vision on what parameters should be taken into account, and what the emphasis should be for each item.

So, what do you think?

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