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I have a few R4 suggestions for upcoming seasons

1. Single speed server (across all languages)

There are like 10 active players by mid season in R4EN. doesnt really make sense :|

2. Quest duration

This honestly feels like an oversight.
So you have 48 quests with premium. If you run caravan, thats 16 hrs gone. You'll have 48 new quests before even completing your existing caravan. This doesn't make sense. Are you punishing the players for buying premium? or punishing them for not buying quest deluxe?

I believe you should have halved the time. And made attack/quest deluxe a non prem default feature to stay in sync with the "speed" aspect of the server.

3. Samaritan expos and 1+ KoTHs

last season people barely badged Glaaki. This probably wont happen this league. Let us run 1 expo for exp and 1 expo for badge so that we grow + badge and dont lose time which is limited

KoTH enchants are an endgame grind. Let us have more control over the quality of enchants and direction of enchants.
Like for example, investing honor points into "attack" will give better odds of +weapon dmg, + dmg/lv, +atk
Or let us run more than 1 KoTH for a better chance of an enchant
I know the speed server gives more FLD that can be invested back BUT what if someone wants to grind for a double bp enchant or a double stat enchant? Higher FLD wont help in any way does it?

Please do consider these requests

RnG is actually a sadist dinosaur reaping pleasures out of failed upgrades and quests and ambushes and expeditions and arenas and koths.
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Thank you for posting you feedback, we'll consider your suggestions Smile

Before sending a PM, read the PM rules
If Supermoderators or moderators do not listen or unjustly ignore your PMs, write a PM to me.
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Absolutely agree about the quests, and I honestly wont be buying premium for seasonal realm again until this issue is rectified.

Glaaki definitely wont happen this season, especially given that half the server stopped playing in the last month (3/4 of the top players are gone)...

All the prizes from the current lottery event will be lost in the coming weeks when the server is reset, so they feel more like a taunt than a "prize" (excluding the premium prize). This is especially irritating given that the server should have reset already and these prizes should have been awarded in season 3

I wont be able to check if the issue with z1 task siege has been fixed unless I abandon my z3... The player who is currently holding the square has gone awol, so there's no way to swap. And if I kick them to reclaim it, I wont be able to take my z3 back as z1 cant launch sieges, so that seems like another massive oversight.

We also lost 2 players mid season as they were unable to join another clan after their leader deleted the one they were in... There were no players within range to launch a takeover and their zones were to high to move to an empty square (only surviving clan was full in z1-z3) and they had no premium to make their own clan.
I did recommend they contact the dev team, and have no idea if they did or not, but I'm not the least bit surprised that they quit after that...

Seasonal is genuinely fun for the first few months, but I feel like there's a lot of kinks to be worked out before anyone should pay for premium there. Particularly given how ultimately meaningless the season-end rewards are

I really don't want to sound like a negative Nancy, but it's hard to ignore the pile of issues...

Edit: the idea of having one expo for exp and another for badge attempts sounds intriguing, but I do have concerns depending on how it would be implemented.... it would be majorly frustrating if a kill in an exp run was unable to earn a badge for example...

In-game name: Speed-Legend

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