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Dear players,

The sixth season on Necropolis servers (R20, R7FR, R3EN) will begin one Tuesday, December 13th!

This season, winning on the arena will give much more evolution points and coins. There'll also be some new bonuses available for silver and gold coins, e.g. increased damage during expeditions, decreased chance for a negative enchantment effect, increased number of essences gained when attacking.
In addition to that, we'll modify the rewards for Journeys. Killing a boss, apart from a random prize (e.g. evolution points, free FLD, runes, etc.) will also award a fixed number of experience points.
As previously announced, the end of season 5 marks the return of "normal" items - bonuses against monsters will be disabled.

With the start of the season, all Necropolis servers will receive epic set bonuses!

We've also increase the bonuses for participating in the previous season. Apart from evolution points for the top1000 and treasure points for the top250, everyone (no matter the standing) will get 1000 evolution points extra.

The season reset will involve a couple of hours of maintenance. Once it's over, you'll be able to log in on your existing accounts and create new characters. You will retain your premium account and services.

Before sending a PM, read the PM rules
If Supermoderators or moderators do not listen or unjustly ignore your PMs, write a PM to me.
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Official Blood Wars Board » News and announcements » Announcements » Season 6 on Necropolis servers

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