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Short and Practical Forum Regulations Reply to this Post Post Reply with Quote Edit/Delete Posts Report Post to a Moderator       Go to the top of this page

1) Do not: spam, post links to other games or put them in your profile, make any other announcements then directly regarding the game (and these are only to be posted in suitable forums) unless an administrator gives consent to it. If you want to add something to your post do NOT make another post but use the EDIT option.

Punishment: removal of the link, closing the thread, in case of relapse -> warning. In more radical cases: ban on the forums and in the game.

2) Do not post links to viruses/trojan horses etc.

Punishment: warning.

3)Do not use offensive language. Do not groundlessly accuse or offend other user of the game or forums.

Punishment: warning.

4)When you create a new thread:
- first check if anything similar was posted before (option SEARCH in the upper part).
- check if there is an answer for your question in TUTORIALS.

If there wasn't any similar thread then you may create a new one in the suitable forum and try to name your thread so that the name reflects its contents (i.e. Instead of 'question' or 'quests' name it 'question concerning the duration of quests').

Punishment: closing thread without answering first. In case of relapse: no possibility of creating new threads, warnings.

5. When replying to a thread, check the date of the last post. If it was some time ago, do NOT post unless you have good reason to revive the thread

Punishment: Warning

6. In case of creating a second account by the same user and using both: IP ban.

7. Signatures
Maximum size of signature is 11 lines of text using default font (default size and style) or 140 pixels.

Does not apply to: , Moderators, Super Moderators, Operators, Administrators

Punishment: removal of the signature + warning

8. Do not use any other language than English. This applies not only to threads/posts, but also to PMs.

Punishment: warning

Exception: One thread for each language and for that language exclusively may be created in Offtopic.

4 warnings = ban

General rule to make your life easier: "If you don't know how you should behave then behave in a good manner just in case".

9. Personal data protection / RODO
Detailed information on the protection of personal data can be found in:
Privacy Policy

Before sending a PM, read the PM rules
If Supermoderators or moderators do not listen or unjustly ignore your PMs, write a PM to me.
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Post New Thread Thread is closed
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