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Triple Ace


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1 Language and manners.

a. Offensive messages - 48 h ban
b. Real-life threat - permanent ban
c. Extortion - Administration reserves a right to NOT intervene in such situations.
d. Non-English messages - 24 h ban

2. Accounts.

a. Multi account - permanent ban/account deletetion
- entering an account to send a character on vacation
- after sending a report to the operator it is allowed for two people to play from the same IP address
b. Account sitting - ban (48h to permanent)
c. Account commerce - permanent ban
d. Offensive nickname - nickname change + 5 day ban
e. Pushing - ban (7 days to permanent)

3. Game play
a. Bot using - permanent ban
b. Bug using - ban (48 h to permanent)
c. Lag making - depending on the reason and extent of server lagging

4. Others

a. pretending to be an admin/operator - permanent ban/account deletion
b. oversized pictures in profile - 24 h ban


Sitting - one account is used by several people.
Bots - autoupdating programs or programs which imitate human actions.
Lag making -preventing or significantly hindering other players' gameplay through causing excessive stress on technical capacities.
Pushing - moving items/points to other account 'for free' (i.e. items from a to-be deleted accounta)
Oversized - pictures in player profiles which are too big in size or resolution. Maximum resolution: 450x600
Maximum size: 400kB


1. Language and manners

a. Offense - warning
b. Bad manners - warning
c. Spam - admonition/warning
d. Offtopic - admonition/warning

2. Signatures

a. Unregulated signature - admonition/warning/blocking signature for 30 days

3. Others

a. Unregulated nickname - ban and post delete
b. Multi Account - ban
c. Recidivists - (second or more ban) - account ban, IP ban, in-game ban (3 day to permanent)

In all other situations the decision about the punishment belongs to BW Team.

originally by Berith, translated to English by Zeruel, corrected by Szeszej

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