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Selling regulations - Underworld

If there are any new points or changes you will be informed about them in a new post.
You will have 2 days to get acquainted with the new rules, after that you will be warned for not following them.


Creating a new topic:

1. The seller must have the Old Market and lvl 20.

2. The author is obliged to include all the following information in the topic:

a) Stats of the item or its screenshot and all upgrades of the item that you can see. If the item will be a result of merging you have to write it in the topic.
b) The title must contain full name of the items for sale. In case of many items include only the most important and add "and other".
c) The kind of stones that will be used for the transaction.

3. Once there is an offer for the requested amount of stones, the seller is obliged to create an auction within 24h.

Taking care of your thread:

4. The seller may post in his own thread ONLY when:

- UPs the thread, threads may be UPed only once every 3 hours.
- answers a question concerning the trade.
- informs about an in-game offer or PM
- adds information about changes in the auction (point 6)

5. The seller is obliged to:

a) put the item on auction within 24h. In case of for example losing a square with the market this time is prolonged accordingly.
b) inform about offers made via PM or in the game.
c) When all selling is finished you are obliged to close your thread. To do so you need to choose option (in lower right corner) 'Close/Open' and click 'Go'.
d) If you want to put new items on auction you are obliged to reopen your thread and add the items to the first post.
e) The seller cannot advertise items he/she doesn't possess. Only items from armory or direct merge results can be advertised.

6. The seller cannot:

a) Create a second thread. Every player can have exactly one thread.
b) Add notes about not selling unless given conditions are met ("I won't sell the item unless the price reaches 5 soulstones") or notes that encourage others to break the regulations.
c) Change the minimum price once this was offered.
d) Auction an item with a higher minimum price than the highest offer on the board


1. The buyer is obliged to:
a) have lvl 20.
b) state the amount offered and (if there are more than 1 item) the name of the item he bids/buys

d) bid unless the price is higher than agreed.

2. They buyer cannot:

a) bid lower than minimum price.
b) comment on the prices in any way.


1 Any comments made by people who do not take part in the auction will be punished with a warning.

2. It is prohibited to encourage others to break the rules of the forum or in-game rules.

3. Breaking the transaction terms (not selling/buying the auctioned item, putting a higher minimum bid, not finishing the transaction without any reason is punished with a warning and 2 days BAN in the game.

4. Impersonating other players will be punished with at least 7 days of ban



All complaints on all the Moderators should be sent to me via

PM rules = who is who and what may be reported to whom

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