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1. A task is not completed despite of the fact that I meet all requirements.

Reason: It happens if the task appears after requirements were met or after taking over square with upgraded buildings.

Solution: In case of experience level you need to gain another level. In case of upgrading a building you need to build one more level of it. In case of quests you need to complete successfully one more of the same difficulty. Task will be completed.

2. My blood leaks. I have 40 l / h and only 1 or 0 litres appear.

Reason: Blood is used for regeneration of hit and blood points. Enter Throne Hall screen, as long as hit and blood points are not full, blood will not be stored. More information on regeneration in tutorial about HP and BP.

Solution: Turn off arcana in defence, don't use maximum level of arcana, upgrade slaughterhouse and other building increasing production of blood.

3. I had 8 quests and suddenly I have -4.

Reason: Your premium account expired and journeys and attacks that you got with it were subtracted.

Solution: Extend premium account (quests will be back to normal) or wait.

4. The game keeps logging me off.

Reason: There may be 4 reasons for this:
a) game error, in this case the administration receive entry in log with that error,
b) browser error, try cleaning history, cookies or use another,
c) someone logs in your account and you get logged out, try changing your password.
d) after 20-30 minutes of inactivity a player is automatically logged out.

Solution: ditto

5. A weapon has + x agility and after upgrading still x. Shouldn't it have x+1?

Reason: Every item, prefix and suffix has predetermined way of progress. If any parameter increases or decreases it means that it is because it should be like this.

6. After unequipping one time, other are unequipped too. I meet requirements for Chain and when I click ?Equip? it is still not equipped.

Reason: On R1 UK if you want to wear items then you need to meet the requirements all the time. If at least one of requirements is not met, item will be unequipped automatically.

Solution: In case of items that require a parameter, but they decrease at the same time you need to have high enough value to compensate decreasing. It means that if you have Chain that requires 13 charisma and after equipping it, charisma is decreased by 1, then you need to have 14 charisma to meet the requirements after equipping.

7. I've been attacked twice during protection time.

Reason: Protection time is related to beginning of attack, not finishing. If one person needs 2 hours 5 minutes to get to you and the other needs 5 minutes, then you may be attacked even twice in the same minute.

8. When I destroy an item worth 5 mana and 9 nanites, I get only 1 mana and 1 nanite?

Reason: Amount of nanites and mana you get through destroying items is equal to 1/10 of its worth rounded up.

9. I have status UNAVAILABLE and my friends too.

Reason: This status appears when people share the same IP address. More information in tutorial on statuses.

10. When I click on ?find? in my profile, ranking appears, but on my standing is someone else.

Reason: Updating standings in profiles is done at every even hour.

11. I'm not in ranking or I'm on two pages at the same time.

Reason: Updating ranking is done every half an hour for very page (at every hour and half past). Above situations may happen when between refreshing pages in ranking a player drops or goes some positions higher (changes standing from one page to another). This lasts until next update.

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