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Regulations of complaints Reply to this Post Post Reply with Quote Edit/Delete Posts Report Post to a Moderator       Go to the top of this page

Complaints that may be made here:
1. offensive / insulting messages in the game or reallife threats.
2. profile breaking regulations (offensive language, text size, image etc.)
3. nick breaking regulations

Other reports or questions etc. will be punished with warning

In order to make a complaint you need to give us:

1) your id in-game (is found in 'Premium account' tab'),
2) character's name or id of a player who wrote a message that breaks the regulations, contains offensive words etc.
3) if complaint concerns message that breaks the regulations, you need to paste a link to that message ir message id (is found in link when reading a message):
xxxxxx is message

WARNING! Do NOT quote the message!
4) if complaint concerns profile or image which evidently breaks the regulations, you need firstly to send that player a message with request to change it and only if he/she refuses or doesn't reply in 24h, then you may post it here. We require your message ID and message ID of reply (if there is any)
5) send complaints on Moderators directly to Super Moderator in a private message together with exact problem description. Send complaints on Operators and Super Moderators to Administrators

If complaint doesn't regard you, do NOT post! Needless posts will be treated as spam and rewarded with a warning!

Before sending a PM, read the PM rules
If Supermoderators or moderators do not listen or unjustly ignore your PMs, write a PM to me.
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Official Blood Wars Board » General » Complaints » Regulations of complaints

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