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The game

1. Why doesn't my blood regenerate? I should have X liters per hour and all I have is 0 or 1!
Blood is used for regeneration. Please familiarize yourself with tutorial on regeneration

2. How do I get points in ranking?
For gaining experience. Points in ranking are points of experience divided by 1000 and rounded down.

3. How do I include description of my character and his/her portrait in game?
You just need need to click on your name, which is highlighted in green in upper part of the screen, choose option 'Edit profile', there you can include that information.

4. Why do I have son and what's he for? Can I have more sons/daughters/cats/dogs/hamsters/pokemons?
Your son is connected with the plot. Everyone have one. His name is presented in Throne Room on the very bottom. He doesn't affect the game at all. There won't be any more things like this.

5. Why don't arrows on 'The City overview' screen work?
You need to update your browser. Most commonly this problem occurs when using older versions of Opera. We want to remind you that the newest version is free and has number 9.

6. Is it possible in BW to own more than one square?
No it isn't and won't be possible in the future.

7. How to equip items I find on quests?
You have to build armory, which lets you equip and sell items.

8. What happens to items I find on quests, that exceed the capacity of armory?
Items are not lost, although you won't be able to neither see nor use them until you build next level of armory or sell some items.

9. Why am I only able to buy limited number of items in shop?
Items available in shop are the basic versions of items and their variety increases with character level. On quests you may find items of three qualities, each may have prefixes and suffixes which change its properties.

10. How do I create a clan?
You need to have 15 level and premium account.

11. How do I become the overseer of a sector?
You become the overseer of a sector when you overtake square in higher zone. By the name of present overseer you have address, which you need to overtake in order to become new overseer.

12. What are the benefits of being overseer of a sector?
Presently none, except for that it is the closest sector from your position. Project of commissioning your subordinates to take on certain tasks is currently under development and will be introduced in due time.

13. I'm in fourth zone, but I can't construct any building from this zone, despite of the fact that I satisfy all their requirements.
Firstly you need to construct all 5th zone buildings.

14. What's Zia/Aziel?
Character that appears in a romantic thread of the plot, during one of the quests. Potential mother of your above-mentioned son if outcome of test is favourable.

15. Why can't I complete quest X? I've tried 100 times and I have the chance of YY%.
It's not a bug. Keep trying. Revise calculus of probability. Details on probability on the bottom of this post.

16. Where have my quests and attacks gone? A moment ago I had XX. Why don't I have percentage chance of accomplishing quests? Why aren't unsatisfied requirements of building shown on red?
Your premium account has undoubtedly expired. If you extend your account, you'll regain lost quests and attacks. Full list of benefits of premium account is in bookmark ?Premium Account? in the game.

17. Is it possible to accomplish one quest multiple times?
Yes, it is. Pilgrimages are the only exception. To repeat them you need to accomplish them all in appropriate order.

18. When I set off on hard quest, the only message I receive is: 'Peace and quiet, what a boring journey.' Why is that?
Pilgrimages are done in appropriate order, but are still chosen at random. Same test can't be fulfilled second time until all pilgrimages are accomplished.

19. How do I get promoted to IV zone?
You just need to lay siege to a square in IV zone.

20. When is there going to be a new server?
Opening of a new server will be foretold few days before it happens. Usually when current is filed in 75%.

21. I've done a quest, but I don't have item, that I found. I have armory.
Check whether the number of items is exceed, i.e. 21/20.

22. How do I complete the task with werewolves ravaging my square? Are my allies able to join such siege?
You need to lay siege to your own square and win. Members of your clan are able to join it.

23. I've suddenly lost all my buildings, my armory is empty (and is missing too). What does it mean? What's happened? Everything else remained unchanged.
Someone's overtaken your square: you have his buildings and vice versa.

24. I'm in trouble. How do I spy? I've built vagrants' shelter and I still don't get any spies.
You need only people to spy. Construct employment agency and you'll produce them faster.

25. I've overtaken square in which there are buildings needed for tasks (brothel 3, slaughterhouse 5/brothel 10, old market), but I didn't carry off those tasks before. Is it possible to destroy these building, so that I'd be able to accomplish it?
There is no possibility to destroy buildings. One of likely solutions is to exchange square with a friend, who's done his tasks, but lost his square and currently has a poor one. In other case player who would get your square would be in similar trouble as you were. The best idea (provided you have resources needed) is to raise next level of that building and task will be completed.

26. If I take over an empty square, will I have resources, building and weapons?
Only resources and weapons.

27. On which hour do my quests and ambushes regenerate?
When we are in GMT+2 (summer time), quests regenerate on every even hour. Attacks every 3 hours, beginning with 2 AM.
When we change to winter time (GMT+1), quests regenerate on odd hours and attacks every three beginning with 1 AM.

28. Does the number of spies affect the chance of successful espionage and if so to what extent?
+1% per spy till the maximum value (different for every type of espionage).

29. I have 14 level and have been attacked by 20 level player? Is it some kind of a bug?
Players can't attack those who have less than 70% of their character's level. For example, 0.7*20=14, so attack is possible.

30. Is minimal level rounded up or down when I try to attack someone, for example: if I have 16 level and 0.7*16=11.2, am I able to attack him/her or not?
Minimal level is rounded up.

31. Is it possible to learn new arcana?
No, it isn't, but it doesn't mean there aren't any.

32. In connection with 4th zone: if I haven't done task with: - successful completion of Pilgrimage, - building 10th level of Brothel, then after passing to 4th zone: - when I accomplish Pilgrimage, will the task be completed, - similarly, when I build 10th level of Brothel, will the task be completed?
In every zone tasks differ, if you haven't done one from former zone, the only solution is to go back.

33. Is it possible to complete the same task two or more times? Let's assume that I've done every task in 5th zone and got promoted to 4th, and then gone back again to 5th, to square without 10 level of Brothel, defeated werewolves etc.
No, tasks can only be done once. After returning, the only tasks you can do are those not yet completed.

34. How do I besiege my own square during the werewolves task?
Prepare ambush -> Prepare siege -> Begin siege. Works only when the task is active.

35. I was ambushing another player, when someone attacked me. I wasn't in my square yet!
Ambush doesn't mean waiting near your home. It might also be done on your way to another square.

36. I'm a happy owner of Strengthening Sword, which consumes 100 liters of blood per hour. I have 0 liters of blood and -45/h. Is it in any way dangerous for me or is it as though I had 0 liters/h? If I don't have blood, do other powers of the sword (+10% HP) still work? [/i][/b]
Sword works normally, but your amount of blood won't increase and spare blood will be used up.

37. I lay siege to a player who has higher level than me and I manage to take over his square. Will I be able to use his building (i.e. Market) if I don't satisfy the requirements to build it?
Yes, you will. These requirements are needed only to construct, not use them.

38. When is it possible to get to higher zone?
As soon as you reach appropriate level, for example level 20 for 4th zone.

39. How do I use arcana in defense?
In game, in bookmark Options -> AI in defence (there you can set which arcana are used in defense).

40. If I set off on a quest and during it invest in stats, will those points be included in outcome of quest?
Yes, they will.

41. I'm in 5th zone, but I can't build anything. Is there any restriction for this zone?
Every building has its own requirements. If you don't satisfy them all, you are not able to construct it, unless you increase your stats/gather blood/money/people.

42. Why are there buildings which requirements I satisfy and nevertheless I can't build them?
Maybe your premium account has ended. If it has, option that allows player to see missing requirements in red is available only for premium, thus you need to count it ?manually?.

43. I owned a square with some buildings. Afterwards I besieged other player and overtook his square. By the name of my character is new address, but how can I go back to my former square?
Simply lay siege to your former square.

44. Is it possible to attack me when I'm in second phase of siege?
Yes, it is, but if you're in the 2nd phase, you can't attack others.

45. Why can't I use weapons from armory, even though I meet the requirements?
You need first to take off something in order to equip another thing.

46. My friend's done 21 pilgrimages and completed 1, whereas I've done 55 and completed 0. Does it depend on luck or character?
On % chance to complete pilgrimage and individual luck of player. Real chance is equal to 1/9*x%, so keep trying... Details on probability on the bottom of this post.

47. Am I able to have more than five items in inventory? I can't wear more although I fulfill all requirements.
You can equip: 1 helm, 1 armor, 1 trousers, 1 amulet, 2 rings, 1 two-handed weapon or 2 one-handed weapons.

48. If I have 24 quests, will they gather like i.e. in armory or will excess be lost?
There is maximal limit and excess is lost.

49. Are items lost after accomplishing the task with werewolves like with normal siege?
Items from armory are never lost, they are connected with player, not building.

50. Is there a list of all weapons available in game?
Such list won't be placed on board or anywhere else. Only when players find all items (that's unlikely because there may be one more) and gather them then you'll know.

51. Where can I find ID of player who offended me? Where is message ID? Where is my ID?
ID of player is in address of his profile, you need only to click on his nick and write down the last number from URL. Message ID ditto, but you need to click on message. Your ID is in ?Premium account? bookmark.

52. What are the benefits of reputation during attack? How do I add them?
Level of bodyguard agency * reputation = amount of hit points added during attack, for example: normally you have 140 HP, 15 reputation and 5 level of agency 15*5=75 140+75=215 ? that many points you have during attack. Similarly with defence. Level of police station * charisma = amount of HP added when you're attacked, for example: normally you have 140 HP, 15 charisma and 5 level of police station 15*5=75 140+75=215 ? that many points you have in defence. You can add HP by wearing items that add points to reputation.

53. I'd like to end my contact with this game, but I can't delete my character, why is that?
Most probably it's because you reached level 40. If this is the case, you should contact administration on PM. It's a protection against hackers. You may also just stop playing and your account will be deleted as soon as the game server is full.

54. Could someone write out formula for chance to hit? I know, that it depends on agility and perception, but what about weapon property + to hit? For example: is 1 point of ?to hit? equal to 1 point of agility? Is +15 to hit much or not? Does it increase the real chance to hit? Formula for chance to hit is nowhere to be found, because we don't want you to know it.
Only by your own experience you can ascertain how much is it. ?To hit? and agility is converted in the ratio of 3 to 1, so every additional point of agility is equal to 3 ?to hit? points. Identically with perception and guns.

55. Why didn't I attack in the first round of combat?
Your opponent had item which blocked your attack in the first round of combat.

56.When will pictures of buildings/characters be available?
As soon as they're ready.

57. Is there going to be music/sounds in the game?
Music will be added in future, but we have actually more important things to do. Sounds will not be available, at least in near future.

58. What are the benefits of strength/toughness/power set?
None. Sets are connected only with prefixes. Reminder: good . fast . knife . of power : quality . prefix . item . suffix

59. How do I benefit from luck and how do I gain it?
Luck can't be gained, only items can add some points. There are two races with inborn luck: thoughtcatcher 10 cultist 5 Luck increases chance for successful quest (5 points of luck is equal to 3%/2%/1% easy/normal/hard) and affects chance to find items (in a lesser degree). It's also easier to hit during an attack.

60. Do I have to accomplish pilgrimages and quests once again, after promotion to 4th zone? I mean, if I'm promoted to higher zone, will there be no one successfully fulfilled?
Accomplished quests (close, far and pilgrimages) in one zone are treated similarly in another zone. If you carry out agility in V zone, it will also be done in IV and III zone etc.

61. I've been attacked by a player who had weapon that he shouldn't have been able to use because of low level.
There are items which lower the requirements (for instance: amulet of easiness).

Premium, administration

1. If I extend my premium account, will it be extended for xx days from now?
Only if it's already inactive. In other cases account will be extended from your current date of expire.

2. I've bought premium, but I want to go away on business for 2 weeks...
You just need to turn on vacation in the game. After it's turned off, your account will be extended for the time of your leave.

3. Is premium account lost with deletion of character?
No, these are separate matters.

4. I've sent SMS, I'm sure with 'bloodwars' and to appropriate number. In response I've not got the code.
You need to contact administration via PM with: telephone number from which the SMS was sent and as accurate as possible time of sending (on the dot). We'll check it.

5. My brother/sister/dad/mom/friend/wife/grandma also wants to play BW using my computer. What should I do? Are we able to be in one clan or fight against each other?
Yes you are able to do it unless we discover any interaction between characters indicating that both are played by single person.

6. One player sent me offensive message and/or link to a page with virus/trojan/other dangerous thing.
You should file a complaint in ?Complaints? section, also read this section rules before posting. If the message is acknowledged, such person will be baned for min. 1 day.

7. Could you change my nick/gender/race, please?
Unfortunately we don't perform such actions, otherwise it would be our only activity.

8. How can I support the makers of the game?
Firstly you can buy premium account.

9. Imagine a situation: my premium accounts expires in 20 days. I create a clan and everything is OK. What will happen to my clan after 20 days?
You will still own a clan, but your progress in the game will be slower.

SUPPLEMENT probability (on example)
Ambushes/quests/item drops/etc. are independent events and treating them as a series doesn't fit at all. Statistics professor is able to regonise whether students really do their task: roll a dice 200 times and write down results. When he sees that student hasn't got 3 the same numbers in a row, he doesn't credit the task. In order to be certain, he counts all results. Total outcome for every possible result on dice has to differ from 1/6, or the student gets ?F?. Do you want to know why? Because of the fact, that actually such rows of same numbers do happen. With 200 or 500 rolls the real probability won't even get close to 1/6. Ambushes and quests are likewise: you have 33% for successful quest which doesn't mean that 1 of every 3 will be successful. It only means, when the result is counted, the probability of success is 1/3. And with next quest again 1/3. No matter of outcome of last quest.

Contact Info:

Premium problems >> use Premium reporting option in game.
Question about game >> use "Words of advice" forum.
Other >> pm Szeszej

Please do not PM me directly. Thanks.

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