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Guest[1] 22:13 Who is where online?
Guest[2] 22:13 Viewing Profile for darc
Guest[3] 22:13 Unknown
Guest[4] 22:13 Forum: Blood Wars
Guest[5] 22:13 Viewing Profile for Lysandra
Guest[6] 22:13 Viewing Profile for Ghaldria
Guest[7] 22:13 Viewing Profile for DemonDude2
Guest[8] 22:13 Thread: I'll buy: Demonic, Titanium, Runic, Luck and many other
Guest[9] 22:12 Thread: Item Quality Order List
Guest[10] 22:12 Thread: California Republic [NCR]
Guest[11] 22:12 Thread: Merge List V2
Guest[12] 22:12 Thread: Preparing a Siege.
Guest[13] 22:12 Viewing Profile for LucifersAngel
Guest[14] 22:12 Login
Guest[15] 22:12 Forum: Complaints
Guest[16] 22:12 Thread: Wrong item in auction
Guest[17] 22:12 Thread: Specify your realm!!
Guest[18] 22:12 Thread: Looking For Hops... Can You Help
Guest[19] 22:12 Viewing Profile for Szeszej
Guest[20] 22:12 Thread: Good Shamanistic Kilt of the Strongman (+4), Elvish Shorts of Dodges (+5)
Guest[21] 22:12 Unknown
Guest[22] 22:12 Unknown
Guest[23] 22:12 Forum: Looks of the game
Guest[24] 22:12 Forum: Offtopic
Guest[25] 22:12 Thread: runic elements and more || new items added !!!!! 03.03
Guest[26] 22:12 Viewing Profile for Mortis
Guest[27] 22:11 Thread: BloodWars userbars
Guest[28] 22:11 Forum: Narrations/Descriptions
Guest[29] 22:11 Registration
Guest[30] 22:11 Login
Guest[31] 22:11 Viewing Profile for Vlade
Guest[32] 22:11 Unknown
Guest[33] 22:11 Viewing Profile for Miitchell1992
Guest[34] 22:11 Thread: push or huge drop in price
Guest[35] 22:11 Viewing Profile for *GayTiger*
Guest[36] 22:11 Thread: same player time and time again
Guest[37] 22:11 Viewing Profile for Mortis
Guest[38] 22:11 Forum: Buyers - Necropolis
Guest[39] 22:11 Thread: chamber 6 - [.6.]
Guest[40] 22:11 Thread: The Figure
Guest[41] 22:11 Viewing Profile for Undivisible
Guest[42] 22:11 Thread: Greece
Guest[43] 22:10 Unknown
Guest[44] 22:10 Thread: Good Diamond Signet BN=3k
Guest[45] 22:10 Thread: Good Diamond Signet BN=3k
Guest[46] 22:10 Thread: 5TH's Newby Guide to IRC/mIRC
Guest[47] 22:10 Forum: Account trading
Guest[48] 22:10 Registration
Guest[49] 22:10 Forum: Account trading - Underworld
Guest[50] 22:10 Forum: Blood Wars
Guest[51] 22:10 Thread: sold
Guest[52] 22:10 Viewing Profile for CESARZ
Guest[53] 22:10 Viewing Profile for Izuall
Guest[54] 22:10 Thread: Legendary Good Scorpio (+5) - Or higher..
Guest[55] 22:10 Viewing Profile for Szeszej
Guest[56] 22:10 Login
Guest[57] 22:10 Thread: a lot of melee stuff (levi, vengeful, black)
Guest[58] 22:10 Thread: Patch
Guest[59] 22:10 Viewing Profile for Azz420
Guest[60] 22:10 Thread: Merc available
Guest[61] 22:09 Unknown
Guest[62] 22:09 Unknown
Guest[63] 22:09 Viewing Profile for Lokki
Guest[64] 22:09 Viewing Profile for Zhulios
Guest[65] 22:09 Unknown
Guest[66] 22:09 Thread: Test servers (PTR) will be launched on 3 September (Monday)
Guest[67] 22:09 Thread: Good shorts of night +23Agi
Guest[68] 22:09 Thread: The Angel of Death
Guest[69] 22:09 Thread: Top 5 items in your armoury
Guest[70] 22:09 Forum: Narrations/Descriptions
Guest[71] 22:09 Login
Guest[72] 22:09 Thread: New "work" template?
Guest[73] 22:09 Viewing Profile for Death_Reborn
Guest[74] 22:09 Viewing Profile for Scourge
Guest[75] 22:09 Viewing Profile for Firetrap
Guest[76] 22:09 Unknown
Guest[77] 22:09 Thread: temp ban
Guest[78] 22:09 Viewing Profile for Ba_al
Guest[79] 22:09 Thread: The upcoming patch
Guest[80] 22:09 Forum: Game system
Guest[81] 22:08 Viewing Profile for Szeszej
Guest[82] 22:08 Forum: Looks of the game
Guest[83] 22:08 Viewing Profile for Mlarinon
Guest[84] 22:08 Forum: Pillory - Underworld
Guest[85] 22:08 Main Page
Guest[86] 22:08 Forum: Blood Wars
Guest[87] 22:08 Unknown
Guest[88] 22:08 Thread: New layout and mobile app!
Guest[89] 22:08 Thread: Number spacing
Guest[90] 22:08 Thread: Good Cursed Crowbar of the Bloodsucker (+3)
Guest[91] 22:08 Main Page
Guest[92] 22:08 Viewing Profile for bocochoco
Guest[93] 22:08 Forum: Trade
Guest[94] 22:08 Viewing Profile for Storm
Guest[95] 22:08 Registration
Guest[96] 22:07 Unknown
Guest[97] 22:07 Thread: Good Shamanistic Hard hat and ....
Guest[98] 22:07 Thread: Good Shamanistic Hard hat and ....
Guest[99] 22:07 Forum: Game system
Guest[100] 22:07 Thread: David vs Goliath
Guest[101] 22:07 Viewing Profile for Szeszej
Guest[102] 22:07 Viewing Profile for foxes
Guest[103] 22:07 Login
Guest[104] 22:07 Thread: Necropolis to be converted to auctions only
Guest[105] 22:07 Viewing Profile for belphegor
Guest[106] 22:07 Unknown
Guest[107] 22:07 Thread: Tattoo images
Guest[108] 22:06 Forum: Players
Guest[109] 22:06 Thread: 13. Attacks deluxe and Charon's packages
Guest[110] 22:06 Thread: Display avatars in PvP battles
Guest[111] 22:06 Viewing Profile for Szeszej
Guest[112] 22:06 Thread: BloodWars userbars
Guest[113] 22:06 Unknown
Guest[114] 22:06 Viewing Profile for Smurf
Guest[115] 22:06 Forum: Battlefield
Guest[116] 22:06 Thread: Attack page
Guest[117] 22:06 Thread: Using Breath of Death will nullify HP regeneration.
Guest[118] 22:06 Thread: building site armoury
Guest[119] 22:06 Registration
Guest[120] 22:05 Forum: General
Guest[121] 22:05 Forum: Buyers - Underworld
Guest[122] 22:05 Unknown
Guest[123] 22:05 Unknown
Guest[124] 22:05 Thread: Hardened tendons
Guest[125] 22:05 Thread: Mysterious disease
Guest[126] 22:05 Main Page
Guest[127] 22:05 Registration
Guest[128] 22:05 Thread: Looking for na account
Guest[129] 22:05 Thread: The best items you have created
Guest[130] 22:04 Thread: Epic finds <--- past here
Guest[131] 22:04 Thread: Spam postings
Guest[132] 22:04 Thread: Spelling
Guest[133] 22:04 Registration
Guest[134] 22:04 Viewing Profile for Mortis
Guest[135] 22:04 Thread: Not returning a loan
Guest[136] 22:04 Forum: Complaints
Guest[137] 22:04 Thread: pfft nothing
Guest[138] 22:04 Thread: RTA update
Guest[139] 22:03 Viewing Profile for Szeszej
Guest[140] 22:03 Forum: Trade
Guest[141] 22:03 Viewing Profile for darc
Guest[142] 22:03 Thread: Preco/G Shaman/G Elvish/G Malicious All BN [ REALLY CHEAP THINGS!
Guest[143] 22:03 Viewing Profile for Eisuk
Guest[144] 22:03 Thread: Perfect Velvet Kilt of the Strongman (+1)
Guest[145] 22:03 Forum: Mishmash - Underworld
Guest[146] 22:03 Thread: Dancing braclet of blood (on auction)
Guest[147] 22:03 Viewing Profile for fluffy
Guest[148] 22:02 Viewing Profile for Firetrap
Guest[149] 22:02 Registration
Guest[150] 22:02 Thread: BW mobile app, 2017 patches
Guest[151] 22:02 Viewing Profile for fool
Guest[152] 22:02 Main Page
Guest[153] 22:02 Main Page
Guest[154] 22:02 Thread: Close
Guest[155] 22:02 Viewing Profile for baalth
Guest[156] 22:02 Unknown
Guest[157] 22:02 Thread: through the eyes of a infidel
Guest[158] 22:02 Viewing Profile for GrandMaster
Guest[159] 22:02 Forum: Blood Wars
Guest[160] 22:01 Thread: [EDIT] A2 quests descriptions
Guest[161] 22:01 Forum: Archives
Guest[162] 22:01 Thread: SS vs WJS arena :D (spider location)
Guest[163] 22:01 Forum: Game system
Guest[164] 22:01 Thread: New graphics for legendary items!
Guest[165] 22:01 Thread: Not a big thing but.....
Guest[166] 22:01 Unknown
Guest[167] 22:01 Viewing Profile for VAMPHIRE
Guest[168] 22:01 Viewing Profile for deflaura
Guest[169] 22:01 Forum: Game system
Guest[170] 22:00 Thread: Demonic Club of Agility
Guest[171] 22:00 Forum: Pillory - Underworld
Guest[172] 22:00 Unknown
Guest[173] 22:00 Thread: Pref/suff/items images that need to be changed
Guest[174] 22:00 Viewing Profile for PhuctiphinO
Guest[175] 22:00 Viewing Profile for 10 Beardshall 10
Guest[176] 22:00 Main Page
Guest[177] 22:00 Main Page
Guest[178] 22:00 Registration
Guest[179] 22:00 Viewing Profile for 4thtimelucky
Guest[180] 22:00 Forum: Looks of the game
Guest[181] 22:00 Forum: Narrations/Descriptions
Guest[182] 22:00 Viewing Profile for demonfury v2
Guest[183] 22:00 Thread: 1000 junk at 75 pop each; discount for whole thing
Guest[184] 22:00 Unknown
Guest[185] 22:00 Viewing Profile for draculaisemo
Guest[186] 22:00 Thread: Charatar growth = 0
Guest[187] 21:59 Forum: News and announcements
Guest[188] 21:59 Thread: Armoury's fleeting information
Guest[189] 21:59 Main Page
Guest[190] 21:59 Viewing Profile for SwiftDeathIsComing
Guest[191] 21:59 Thread: Epic items
Guest[192] 21:59 Unknown
Guest[193] 21:59 Viewing Profile for LucifersAngel
Guest[194] 21:59 Thread: Proof of Perception (normal)
Guest[195] 21:58 Thread: Regulations of complaints
Guest[196] 21:58 Unknown
Guest[197] 21:58 Viewing Profile for Apollo
Guest[198] 21:58 Thread: v 0.97a ?
Guest[199] 21:58 Viewing Profile for smigi
Guest[200] 21:58 Thread: Conversion to Family Servers for R1 and R2
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