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Following things will never be added to BloodWars:

- Cancelling attacks/espionage actions/quests.
- Accumulating unused quests/attacks above maximum number.
- Direct exchanges of LGO/blood/people between players.
- Leaving sieges.
- Applying building bonuses to sieges.
- Owning more than one square.
- Number of attack won't be duplicated/moved to main ambush screen
- Cancelling of ambush/quest when second phase of a siege begins.
- Duplication of information from profile to Throne Hall (standing etc.).
- Built-in protection of 'weaker' clans.
- Taxi for quests.
- Possibility of having more than one deputy.
- Exchanging LGO/blood/people for stones.

Following things will not be changed in BloodWars:

- Number of attacks/quests.
- Equpped items included in number of items in armoury.
- Order/cost of absorber's arcana.
- Currency.
- Number of people employed in employment agency.
- Proportion between experience gained through attack and defence.
- Basic chances for dropping items or prefixes/suffixes.

Posts and propositions about any of above will be closed/deleted and their authors will be given warnings.

Before sending a PM, read the PM rules
If Supermoderators or moderators do not listen or unjustly ignore your PMs, write a PM to me.
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